How to Get Scholarships to Study Abroad in USA | Study in USA Scholarships

Study in USA Scholarships- May be you are dreaming of studying in the USA but your financial condition is pulling you back from applying to the course of your choice in any USA University or college. But you can now stop worrying and be happy as there are a number of scholarships available to finance your education. Now let’s check out the all-about of study in USA Scholarships.

Study in USA Scholarships

Eligibility of the Study in USA Scholarships:

For the purpose of international students who are willing to study in the United States, scholarships can be an invaluable assistance in finding the finance and fulfill your goals.

If you are in the first year, or if you are a student who is going on to graduate or undergraduate school or you are only returning to your college for the purpose of a new year, there is surely the financial help out there for your help. If you are an undergraduate student, then you can apply for the graduate course, and if you are a graduate student, then you can be eligible for the postgraduate course.

The eligibility criteria differs from one Study in USA Scholarships to another. Some require a good academic background with good CGPA, whereas some require good TOEFL or IELTS score. Some scholarships are available to you only if you are immigrating from a specific country.

So, you need to search well to know the perfect scholarship that you are eligible for.

List of Study in USA Scholarships for the Indian students to study in USA

  • Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP)
  • East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship
  • Global Engineering Education Exchange program (Global E3)
  • DV Gokhale International Grants in Statistics Program
  • Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program (FLTA)
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowships Program
  • Asian Cultural Council Individual Grants
  • Asian Development Bank Government of Japan Scholarship Program (ADB)
  • Davis United World College Scholars Program
  • Fort Hays State University Graduate Studies Scholarship for Indian Students
  • Glendale Community College Bhupesh Parikh Scholarship Program
  • Harvard Kennedy School International Student Fellowships
  • Tennessee Tech University International Undergraduate Scholarships
  • University of Toledo Sister Cities Award
  • Yale University Fox International Fellowships
  • Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund Scholarships

What should you ask your school?

When you think to go to USA to study or if you think to apply scholarships to study in USA then you must ask your school about it, they can help you in this regards. Not a matter when and where you live or which school you have attended, your first step should be in searching for the purpose of scholarships that should be your school’s financial help or from the aid office. Most of the colleges normally offer scholarship programs and these are particularly for international students who have been attending the institution. You can check out the school’s financial aid as well as a website to know about the full scholarships in USA. Because one thing you must know that Study in USA on scholarship is a hard task, and you must know the pros and cons of it before you apply.

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Steps to Apply for the Scholarships in US

1. Search- You can search the suitable scholarship by the course you want to pursue or by the location that you prefer to go for higher studies. As you get your suitable scholarship, click on the scholarship that will redirect you the the host institute. You will be asked to register or sign in.

2. Register or Sign in- For registering for any scholarship, you need an email id and password. Registering is simple with easy steps. You get all the info at your fingertips while registering and applying.

3. Apply- Through the host site, you can contact directly with the host institute that is offering the scholarship. Contact them directly to get all the documents that they need for applying. Also you will get these info from the site itself.

Now that you have applied successfully to Study in USA Scholarships, you need to wait for getting the approval and fly to your destination for higher studies.