How To Plan A Perfect Study Abroad Timeline

So you have finally decided to study abroad and get global experience and exposure which is not easy to get in one’s homeland. Congratulations on that! Studying abroad has many benefits associated with it some of which are expanding your worldview, helping you gain understanding of a new culture, helping you develop transferable and precious skills and making you much more flexible and innovative than before. It also helps you analyze what your own personal aspirations, strengths and weaknesses are. Studies reveal that students who study abroad are much more courageous, independent and self-confident than those who do not. You have to plan beforehand in order to have a smooth stay. Here we will tell you how to plan a perfect study abroad timeline.

Why is it important to plan?

However, in order to study abroad, it is important for you to plan a perfect study abroad timeline beforehand as this will help you analyze when exactly do you need to travel to your study abroad destination, which course to opt for, which university to get admitted into, when will the course start and how much time are you looking to spend in that place till the course is complete and done with.

Consider the universities first

Regardless of the fact whether you are applying for a graduate or postgraduate programme, consider the universities and colleges that you wish to apply to one year before you finish your course in your homeland. Go through the courses they have to offer, the tuition fees involved in each and when exactly does the course start. Apply to at least 4 to 5 universities as you never know some might reject the application due to any reason.

Remember the deadlines

Once you have shortlisted a few courses and their respective universities, you will now be required to judge which course starts closest to the time when you pass out of the current course that you are pursuing after which you plan to go abroad for studying. You should know the application deadlines for most countries are due a semester before the student actually intends to study there. So it is important to plan at least 8 to 10 months before, work on the application and send it to the concerned universities well before the deadline.

Making a final choice

Once your application has been accepted and you have secured admission into more than 1 university, it is essential that you make a final choice about the course you wish to pursue in the University of your Choice. Once again, keep in mind the completion of the course in your homeland and try to opt for the one closest to it to create a perfect timeline for your time abroad. This will prevent you from wasting time and will prevent delay in completion of the course abroad.

The course itself matter too!

However, you should not choose a course simply because it starts nearer to the completion of your previous course. Give equal value to the course itself and ensure that you are pursuing it from a reputable and good University. Sometimes it is better to waste a month or 2 or even more if you seek admission in a University or wish to pursue a course which is far better than the ones starting immediately.