How to Prepare for GMAT Exam Without Coaching

There are many ways to score high on your GMAT Examination without seeking assistance from GMAT Coaching centers. Joining the coaching classes is not the only full proofed way to crack your GMAT Exam. But, most of the students usually end up joining a coaching institute due to peer pressure from parents and feelings of meagerness in their own abilities and efforts. Students don’t have to worry because everything can be achieved easily with the best blend of good luck, hard work and diligence. The role of a coaching institute is to make the students regular, but this can be achieved easily with self-discipline. Many students have cracked the GMAT exam without special classroom coaching.

GMAT Exam Syllabus and Study Materials

To start your GMAT Preparation, you must first access the syllabus of the upcoming GMAT Exam. If you are a full time professional busy with hectic working schedules, then coaching centers would not fit your timings. The syllabus is the best way to start your preparation that can provide you things which you need to cover. If you can study sincerely on your own and get the required guidance from GMAT study material online, then it won’t be impossible for you to crack the GMAT. The three quarters of the preparation must comprise of research and self study. Moreover, students are required to focus on 3 verbal topics:

  • Sentence Correction
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Critical Reasoning

Today, you will come across with several content and hardbound books online. This makes it easier for students to start their GMAT Preparation Online with the help of the necessary resources.

Join Groups

If you are experiencing poor motivation while preparing alone, then it is suggested to join a study group. There are many online platforms that help the GMAT Takers to find other peer groups studying for the same in the city and hence connect the students with the group. These platforms also have experienced teachers and professors who will guide the students throughout the preparation.

Downloadable Test Series

The Test Series are really very important for the students preparing for the GMAT Exam. Students need to take the test series seriously and download the GMAT Prep software from the official website. There are two free full length practice tests which students need to complete. Students need to take these tests and ensure that they pay close attention to each section of the practice test. Students at least need to score 750 marks on their practice test to get into the 700+ range in the actual exam.

Time Management

For all GMAT-Takers time management is very essential. Students need to schedule their study time with the section wise. The students need to give equal amount of time to each section. So, students need to arrange the study time properly so that they can study each section aptly.

These were some of the tips on How to Crack GMAT Without Coaching.

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