International Scholarships for Indian Students

So many of us dream to study abroad but waive it off because of the hefty price tags. Are you one of us? Do you want to study abroad but don’t know how to manage the huge cost involved. If yes, I would like to share this precious information about various International Scholarships which are available for the Indian students. These scholarships are highly competitive, so you have to prepare yourself to work diligently and dedicatedly to get these scholarships.

When you are searching about the various studying abroad destinations, you can check the official sites to know about the International Scholarships provided by that particular country’s government. There are many universities also which award scholarships to the Indian students. These scholarships are great help as one can pay for his/her tuition fee, exam fee or other expenses also. There are full-ride scholarships where the entire cost of studying and living is paid by the funding organization.

These scholarships are awarded to the students with excellent academics, performance in standardized exams and notable participation in extracurricular activities.  You can check here the International Scholarships for Indian, national scholarships, and the National Scholarship providers.

International Scholarships for Indian Students

We have listed here the various scholarships available for the Indian students to study at top three destinations to study abroad.

To Study Anywhere: These are the scholarships available for the Indian students to study anywhere in the world.

To Study in the USA: We are listing here some of the scholarships available to stud in the USA for Indian students.

To Study in the UK: Some of the scholarships offered to the Indian students to stud in the UK are listed below.  

To study in Australia: Here are some of the scholarships to study in Australia, which is the third most popular study abroad destination.

National Scholarship Providers

We are also listing here some of the National Scholarship Providers which provide Scholarships in India for studying abroad.

  • The Lore India Foundation Scholarship Trust
  • The Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship for Higher Studies
  • Aga Khan Education Services
  • American Alumni Association
  • Bharat Petroleum Scholarship for Indian students
  • Canada Scholarships for Indian Students
  • Commonwealth UK Scholarships for Indian Students
  • Dawoodbhoy Fazalbhoy Muslim Education Trust
  • HSBC Scholarships Programme
  • Ireland Scholarships for Indian Students