Interesting Facts about Kingston City You May Not Know

Kingston is a government area in Victoria, Australia. Kingston city was earlier governed by Moorabbin Roads Board. It houses many primary and secondary schools, and is considered as one of the best places to gain knowledge and skills. Modern teaching skills are equipped in all schools and universities such that good education can be granted for bright future of individual’s and the country as a whole.

Kingston, Australia:

Over the last few years, the city has largely developed holding medium density of housing societies and population. One of the recent developments taking place in the city is its, foreshores development which includes high-value apartments such that people coming up for education and employment purposes can be easily accommodated. Apart from this, Kingston City also contains shopping centres, powerhouse and also Canberra Railway station which add on to the beauty and sightseeing attractions of the place.

kingston city

Facts about Kingston City:

The city also appreciates the efforts and beauty of handcrafted goods, which is why old bus depot markets are set up and held every Sunday. This is one of the most popular locations which are often visited by locals and tourists. The city has also earned name and fame for the educational universities based at the place. People from all over the world set their journey towards Kingston to pursue their higher education. There are 9 libraries which are run by the council of Kingston which helps students seek reference for educational purpose. The city also provides support for sport and other recreational activities.

Accommodation and Housing-

When students are new to an unknown country to pursue their higher education it may be hard to find an accommodation. But that’s not tough anymore as many of the universities in Kingston city offer accommodation within the campus. There are many other accommodation facilities outside the universities as well which are very close to the university campus. The city offers the best accommodation facilities, especially for students. There are many service apartments, hostels and individual houses where students can rent them. The houses are fully furnished and very comfortable as they offer best facilities which are affordable.  The flats are located at a walkable distance from the university, grocery markets and restaurants.

The cost for the flats varies depending upon the facilities which are offered. Mountain View Hostel and BCS Morling Lodge are the most famous hostels which are in Kingston city. The environment offers the best facilities for the students so that they can never miss their own country.

Food and grocery shopping-

Students who stay in hostels are offered food but for the others, they need to prepare on their own. Grocery shopping can be a burden to most of the students. There are many supermarkets which are close to the university campus. Students can buy the required groceries for a month or for a week based on their requirements. There are supermarket outlets which offer door delivery which is very convenient for the students. Advance Supermarkets, Spar, Australian Food & Grocery Council, Coles Supermarket, Coles Express and much more are the famous retail grocery markets in Kingston city.  Students can also taste different vegetables and fruits which are locally grown in Kingston. If students are from India, there are many supermarkets which sell Indian Fruits and vegetables which are a bit high when compared to the local vegetables available.


Kingston beach is well known for the celebration of Australia Day. More than 10,000 people gather from all over Australia for this fun day at Kingston beach. On this day there are many sports activities which are conducted. Food stalls, live music and entertainments from different musical band groups, different competitions are conducted by the Kingston beach association. For the ocean lovers, this event is just the best to relax. Students are always busy with studies and books so this event can help them to refresh and rejuvenate themselves.

For the paintball lovers, head to Snipers Den Paintball and Delta Force Paintball which is one of the famous paintball arenas in Kingston. For the racers, Go Kartsport Racing is the perfect destination which is very rush during the weekends as it is very close to many of the universities. Students who are fond of skating can also join Bunker Indoor Skate Park which is a perfect place for fun and refreshment.

Travel & Transportation-

The local residents travel using their personal vehicles or use the public transportations like buses and trains. There are many cabs as well but for students who are looking for a budget travel within Kingston then buses are the best. There are many stores which rent bikes and cycles, they can be rented for a day or for a month. So students can use it to travel to the university or to any local stores.

For long distance travellers, train and flights are the common means. The bus is the largest transport means which is used by the majority of the students and other people in Kingston.

Cost of Living-

Cost of living in Kingston is cheap and less when compared to other cities of Australia (Melbourne, Sydney). With a proper plan and strategies, students can save more money and they can utilise it to explore the city or to look after their tuition expenses. Sometimes learning new things may seem tough even after researching on the web or referring to books in the library. Students can save more money at Kingston as it depends upon the lifestyle and also the expenses they take up. Some of the general expenses like tuition fees, accommodation, food, study material, books and transportation cannot be avoided. A proper plan at the beginning of the month can help students to save little amount.

When students are new to the Kingston there are chances that they spend more, but after they are of the city the expenses reduce. Approximately they spend around $2000 when they are new and once they are familiar they spend about $1500- $1700. If the accommodation is shared among a group of friends then the cost is reduced and even the works as well.

Job Opportunities-

Job opportunities are plenty in Kingston. There are many big multinational companies which drive campus selections every year and hire many students. The education offered by the universities of Kingston is just the best. Every student is well trained in all aspects and is moulded with the perfect scope of knowledge. Students from other countries can either continue to work in Kingston or they can return back to their mother countries. Most of the students prefer to work for a year after their education as it helps them to gain the perfect professional skills.

Students with perfect scores in academics can get placed through campus selections. There are many consultancy firms in Kingston which offer job opportunities for a fresher and as well as for experienced. Different local job portal sites are also available on the web, it helps the students to register which helps them to apply for the right job.

Part time work-

There are many rules and regulations which are imposed by the government for students who work. In many of the countries, students are not allowed to work while they study. According to the visa requirements, students are allowed to work while they study. Working as a part-timer in Kingston must meet the necessary visa requirements if anyone works against it. They must face the consequences. The visa must allow the student to student as well as work as a part timer in Kingston.

Many of the universities offer jobs for students within the campus during their educational term as well as their vacations. Students are allowed to work in coffee shops, pizza shops, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, clothing stores and in the library. There are many local websites on the web which allow students to check for part time jobs. There are job offer boards placed in every university where employers can pin details about the job openings. There are consultancy firms which help students to find the required jobs.


There are different entertainment activities which happen in and around Kingston every year. For localities and newbie are in Kingston can explore a wide range of activities. From shopping to games every student can experience the best games and can explore new places.

The Big Lobster is one of the famous places in Kingston. There are many historical buildings like The courthouse, post office, old police station and The Gaol complex which stands as the best example to date. There are many antique and second-hand stores where one can buy different items of their choice. You can also get a 360-degree view of the town by heading to Cape Jaffa Lighthouse. Explore the natural vegetation and wildlife at Coorong National Park. There are students who love to see old tractors and engines so they can head to Kev’s Collection Tractor Museum. For the wine lovers, Wangolina Station, Cape Jaffa Winery and Ralph Fowler Wines are the perfect places as they can get to taste different types of wines.

Indian Communities-

Kingston is a place where everyone visits to pursue their higher education. Approximately 40% of students from India travel different countries to pursue their educations. KISCA is the Indian community which is created for the Indians. Every Sundays they conduct different cultural activities and events. People from all races can also join the community to learn about the Indian culture and traditions. This is a community which is specially meant for the senior Indian citizens.


The nightlife is not calm in any town no matter how small or big the city is. The same is with Kingston the nightlife is just amazing for every student. Students can have fun by heading to different parties which are conducted by hotels, hostels and many organisations.

Grape & Grain, 2Brother Brewery, Mordialloc Cellar Door, Chandelier Room and The Bay Mordialloc are the common best pubs in Kingston. Every Australian is just the best for drinking beer so there are many pubs which brew their own beer.