Know More about City Paris, France

Paris is the capital and the most populous city of the France. It is located in the northern-central part of the country. Paris is a city of opportunities with a global reputation. People cherish this city throughout the world and when you study from here you get to experience the respect for your academics globally.

Paris is home to quality educational institutions and life of a student here is full of amazing opportunities personally, professionally and obviously academically. This city is classy, whimsical, stylish and charming all at once. A degree from the Paris educational institutes is respected all across the globe.

While studying in Paris, you can witness the abundance of cultural hotspots, icons, festivals and other happenings. Studying in Paris helps you to develop a wholesome personality.

This beautiful city is adorned in history, culture, tradition, glamor and academia. So, we can say it is a center of learning with a number of reputed French Schools and an ideal study abroad destination.


There are a number of options available for international students with respect to the accommodation. One can go for a home-stay, a room in the Halls or a rented apartment.

Paris accommodation for students

Depending on the student’s preference, he or she can opt for the different options for staying in Paris. As per the data available by Numbeo, rent in the city center is approx. $1,200 to $2,500/month for 1-3 bedroom apartments whereas outside city center the rental for the 1-3 bedroom apartments is approx. $850 to $1,800.

Cost of Living

Euro is the official currency of the Paris.

The average cost one has to bear for basic utilities like electricity, water, and garbage, etc. is around $175 per month.

paris cost of living

The cost of food will obviously depend on the student’s preferences. The cost will vary from $8 for fast food to $75 for dinner at a fine dine restaurant. Similarly, the cost of grocery is relatively similar to that of US expensive grocery stores but again it depends on student’s choice and preferences.


The official and the most common language spoken in the city of Paris is French. Other than French, Paris also recognizes numerous dialects of the language like Alsatian, Breton, Catalan, Corsican, Gallo & others. Most of the interactions in the city will occur in French. There will be some places where the services and menus are also translated in English. Students are offered to learn the language as a part of the program while living in the city.

Travel and Transport

Public transportation is well connected and used most commonly throughout the city. As per the data by Numbeo, a monthly bus pass will cost approx. $65. Taxis are also available and they charge a start fees, a fixed price per km and then waiting charges. 1 liter of gasoline costs around $2. Metro is another mode of public transportation but should note that it is not operational for throughout the night.

paris transportation


The climate in Paris is mild and moderately wet like Western European oceanic climate. Summer days are warm and pleasant with average temperatures ranging between 15 to 25 °C. However, there are some days when the temperature soars above 32 °C.

Part-Time Work Opportunities

Students can go for part-time jobs provided the program and the university they are going to join, permits them. In Paris, they can work for the maximum 964 hours in a year. Students can choose to take research assistantship or any other vacancy available at the institute campus or can go for part-time jobs available in the markets.

Work Opportunities After Studies

Students can apply for internships and as these are not classified as employment, one don’t need to get their status changed as in the case of full-time jobs. The students going for an internship for more than 2 months get compensated as per the minimum wages of €508(2015 data).

If you get a job that offers a salary which is at least 1.5 times more than the minimum wage, you can get a permit to work from the DDTEFP.


Paris is a beautiful city that will change you forever with its grand boulevards, unparalleled literary and artistic history, world-famous monuments and the simple joie de vivre. It’s a city which is multifaceted and multicultural metropolis where you can experience the cultures of the world. So, you can learn to respect and accept different perspectives of looking at the simple problems faced daily.

paris culture
paris culture


The last thing you can expect in Paris is to get bored! There are a plethora of entertainment sources like theaters, restaurants, museums, monuments etc. Being in Paris, you can’t miss going to Eifel Tower, Moulin Rouge cabaret, Disneyland Resort Paris, Parc Asterix etc,

There are a number of cultural events like Festival du Film de Paris which begins in the month of March. For sports lovers, Le Marathon de Paris is something not to be missed. Then there is international Foire de Paris which is a major fair devoted to the new solutions in the field of tourism, multimedia & gastronomy.