Lancaster City– All You Need to Know About the City Lancaster , England

Lancaster city, situated in England is an education hub having several best schools and colleges in the UK. The education centres in Lancaster have an annual turnover of 184 million Euros with over 2250 staff members and students coming in from all around the globe. The University of Lancaster city is ranked as one of the top ten universities in the UK. In addition, this, the University of Cumbria is also a part of the education institutions of Lancaster. Some of the famous schools in Lancaster are Lancaster Royal Grammar School, Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School, Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy, Central Lancaster High School and Our Lady’s Catholic College.

Know more about the City Lancaster:

The University of Lancaster was established in 1964 and is a public research university inviting and educating students from every corner of the world.  The University offers four major faculties namely: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medicine, Faculty of Science and Technology and Faculty of Management. Apart from these undergraduate and postgraduate courses, the university holds an academic programme called the International Foundation Year with subjects, study skills and English Language courses for international students.

Lancaster city

The University of Lancaster has a total of nine colleges which includes the name of Bowland College, The County College, Furness College, Grizedale College, Cartmel College, Fylde College, Graduate College, Lonsdale College and Pendle College offering undergraduate and post graduate academic courses. Each college campus has the capacity to provide accommodation facilities to the local and international students as well as the staff. Covering an area of about 300 acres, the campus has the college buildings built around a walkway connecting to a central plaza called Alexandra Square. The college buildings have their separate classrooms, administrative blocks, common rooms, staff rooms and computer rooms.

Facts you need to know about Lancaster City:

Apart from residential buildings and education centres, the campus has health centres, pharmacy, dental clinics, shops, banks, salons and cultural venues like movie halls, art galleries and theatres hosting art shows and exhibitions, orchestral concerts, dance shows and plays. The students of Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts organise such public shows with a range of cultural performances.

Accommodation and Housing-

The educational campuses in Lancaster city have accommodation facilities for local as well as international students. The college buildings have residential complexes for up to 1000 students. Apart from the residential complexes in the campus, students can opt to rent houses, apartments and hostels for individuals and groups. Students can rent houses near to the university campuses with easy access to their college, transport facilities and other facilities like grocery, banks and shopping complexes.

The Students can choose to rent houses and apartments from the list of properties surveyed, inspected and approved by the Universe of Lancaster. This is an advantage as the landlords are reliable and there are opportunities to find housemates.

Food and Grocery Shopping-

There are a number of stores and supermarkets for food and grocery shopping in Lancaster city that cater to the needs of everyone. There stores and shops have delivery facilities that bring the grocery to the door step. Apart from supermarkets and grocery stores, Lancaster has street markets that have locally and organically produced fruits and vegetables. These markets not only have fresh produce but also have fresh meat, eggs and dairy items. The Lancaster Speciality Market, situated in the northern part of Lancaster, is famous for its grocery shops, bakery, dairy, organic produce markets and restaurants. It is a splendid place to spend the day shopping and having a delicious meal.

The family owned local businesses like The County Store, Forry’s Country Store, Hilltop Acres Farm Market, Springville food and Eby’s General Store have loyal customers from all over Lancaster offering a variety of selection of food items from all over the world at low prices making it more preferable for students, local or international, to shop.


In addition to being an academic hub, Lancaster city has a lot of entertainment options for the students to revive themselves. Music, art, live shows and movies, Lancaster has everything to offer. The American Music Theatre is one such place where music comes alive and hosts the best Broadway shows and musicals in the county. For a fun time, the Renaissance Faire has musical shows, magic acts, shopping and delicious food to offer. Interested in original Broadway and dramas? Then the Big Broadway Musical by the Servant Stage Company is a perfect place to be.

There are several amusement parks and theme parks in Lancaster city that have exciting roller coasters and rides. You can plan a fun day with family and friends. You will never run out of fun things to do in Lancaster city.

Travel & Transportation-

There are a number of options for transportation within and around the city. Students can ride the bus, train, trolley r taxi to commute to places in and around Lancaster. Information about the various travel and transportation facilities in the city can be found on the website for city transportation. For ground transportation, the Antelope Valley Transit Authority has bus services that are useful for school children, students, employees as well as residents. The Metrolink rail services connect the main areas of the city. Apart from these, the local markets, shops and nearby places can be accessed by bicycles and cars.

Cost Of Living-

The cost of living in Lancaster city, for a student, can vary on the type of accommodation and transport option he or she chooses. The expenditure on the accommodation, lifestyle, transportation, household costs and leisure can be identified by the preferred options. The overall expenses of living for a student can be summed up to 15,000 Euros to 20,000 Euros annually. This includes the rent, bills, food, personal care, books and stationery, clothes, entertainment and services life laundry, telephone and electricity.

Job Opportunities

The University of Lancaster provides campus selection processes in the various fields opening up options for all their students. Reputed organizations and institutions hire students who have completed their academic studies through the University of Lancaster offering remarkable salaries. The students are offered job opportunities from all over the world opening up a variety of career path for suited to their academic courses. The students are helped with internships, temporary and full-time job opportunities through various on-campus recruitment programs. Many deserving and bright minds are offered jobs in the campus itself.

Part Time Work

Various opportunities to earn those few extra bucks are available for students in Lancaster city. Part time work in various fields like health and medicine, education, social care, retail, accountancy, administration, hospitality, marketing, sales, customer services, banking and much more are accessible to the students. The salaries offered in these part time jobs are paid on the weekly or daily basis. Apart from a perfect way to earn money, the part-time jobs are a learning experience for many. The students are offered temporary jobs within the campus as well. The students are allowed to take up part time work only for 35-40 hours a week.


In addition to the musicals, theatre, movies and fairy, Lancaster has a variety of options for leisure activities. There are several options to spend quality time with friends and family. There are golf courses, miniature golf and other sports and recreation activity facilities in and around the city. Students can have a merry time to play laser tag, water sports, motor sports as well as archery. Apart from these, Lancaster city has historic sites, amusement parks, theme parks, breweries, factory tours, wineries and many such activities to have a fun day. For a relaxing day, spas and massages are also available in the city. To experience the beauty of the city, a hot air balloon ride can be a good choice. The hot air balloon rides tickets can be booked before-hand.

Indian Communities

For Indian students, Indian Organization of Lancaster County is the best way to feel at home. The Indian Organization of Lancaster County organises Indian festivals and programs to involve the Indian who live in the country and are away from home. The various community activities and programs organized are an enriching experience. They organize various events such as celebration of festivals, open markets for Indian good and food items and dance and music festivals. The portal of the Indian organization of Lancaster County has the information of all the Indian events, restaurants, grocery stores with Indian food items available, the list of people and shopping destinations.


Lancaster is home to many budget pubs suitable to fit the pockets of the students. The nightlife in Lancaster is a fantastic experience. A wide range of delicacies and a long list of beverages, these pubs have a lot to offer. Ye Olde John O’Grant, Merchants, The Borough, Three Mariners and Ring O’Bells are some of the highest rated pubs in the city. The ambience of these pubs is refreshing. The nightlife of Lancaster city has something to offer for everyone’s tastes. From traditional old style pubs with good music, decent food and fine ales to a modern day lavish and elaborate ambience with a long list of beers, bar games and dancing Lancaster has it all.