Latest Ranking and Reputation of Top Universities in India Vs Australia

Top universities in India Vs Australia

All of the countries on the globe have their own identity in each field. Such a field is education which also represents a country’s development, and international status. But here we are not intended to talk about the whole world but here we are going to do a comparative study. We want to inform you about the Top Universities in India Vs Australia in terms of their worldwide ranking and reputation. Here we will compare Indian universities with Australian universities. Recently the QS Rankings 2016 has been released where they have listed world’s top 300 universities according to subjects, system strength etc.

India Vs Australia: How Does It Worth?

In this list of QS Rankings 2016 where Australia is within the top 5, India even can’t make its place among top 20. If we compare Indian universities with Australian universities we can see Australia’s universities are among the world’s topmost universities; whereas Indian universities need to go more and more miles to get into that position. And most importantly, the higher education system of these two countries is too different. So, considering Indian Vs Australian universities is never a Greek meeting a Greek. Comparison should be made among equally drawn issues.

Australian Universities in QS Rankings

Only the United States and United Kingdom have more universities ranked in the top 100 of QS Rankings 2016 than Australia. Total 33 Australian universities rankings are in the list of top 300 universities worldwide where 7 of them are among first 100. Here is another fact we must not overlook and that is Australia’s much lesser population and number of institutions considering USA, UK and other bigger countries with huge population, large number of institution and all. So, Australian University Rankings 2016 is far more significant than it seems initially.

Top Australian Universities 2016

Australia ranks 4th in the new QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings with 92.6 points just after USA, UK, Germany, and followed by Canada in the 5th position; whereas India ranks in 24th position with 60.9 points.  Now those 7 top Australian universities 2016 which have made their position among first 100 are – Australian National University (ANU), University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales (UNSW), University of Queensland (UQ), Monash University, and University of Western Australia (UWA) among which University of New South Wales (UNSW) and University of Queensland (UQ) share the same ranking. This enviable QS Rankings Australian Universities 2016 actually assesses the education standard, system and development of the island country.

Foreign Students love Australian Universities

This is also a proven fact that foreign students love Australian universities. But why so! Besides the attraction of best Australian universities it is also because of the internationalization of the Australian universities and warm welcome of high numbers of international students every year.