List of Financial Institutions Which Provide Education Loans In India

List of Financial institutions which provide Education loans in India or Education Loan Provider Institutions in India, Education Loan Provider Banks in India

Why You Need Education Loan?

Education Loans in India- When you dream of studying abroad, one of the major problems in cementing your place within your desired institute or college is …Money! When your tuition generally ranges from 30,000 USD to 25,000 Euros or 20,000 AUD in USA, UK and Australia respectively, there’s a far greater battle in paying up for the same if you are not backed by any significant scholarships. We here answer your list of Education Loan providers Banks.

Education Loans in India
Education Loans in India

List of Financial Institutions Which Provide Education Loans In India:-

Here we give you a list of Education Loan Providers in India which cater specifically to meet your needs to study abroad. Before we harp on here, you should know that there are different comprehensive rules and regulation for availing the loan for professional and non-professional courses.

Ticking off the pre-markers before availing Education Loans in India-

  1. Your sought out program should be employment –friendly,
  2. Your (family’s) financial standing for good credit worthiness and
  3. And ensuring to pay the rate of interest (which is generally around 14%) on the loan accrued or it leads to penalty interests

Education Loan Providers Instituts (Banks) in India:-

Education Loan which is unlike other loans is meant to exclusively cover the exorbitant tuition fees of courses both domestic and abroad. The minimum loan granted by a bank for courses abroad is 15 Lakhs while for domestic courses the maximum is 10 Lakhs.

Education Loans in India
Education Loans in India

Here is the list of Education Loan Providers Institutes (Banks) in India-

  1. SBI- State Bank Of India under its banner of Student Loan Scheme offers loan facilities manifolds as it extends to no- margin limit in case of loans extension. As education loan is generally levied on courses which are technical in nature in opposition to the Liberal Arts, SBI provides uptoan 30 Lakhs in one go, if you get a green flag from them. For female applicants, there’s a waiver of 0.50% in rate of interest.
  1. HDFC Credila– An extension of HDFC especially created to meet the needs of students pursuing programs abroad and dispenses anywhere between (1,00000-20,00,000) Lakhs.It covers living, accommodation and other expenses such as travel facilitating you with an economy class.
  1. Axis Bank- facilitates loans for employment –inductive courses like medicine, engineering computer science and fetches you anywhere between (400,000- 20,00,000)Lakhs. They have a rigorous follow-up for documents and provide waiver on education loans for girls.
  1. Punjab National Bank- The bank allows for financial assistance of meritorious Indian students seeking technical courses abroad. The loan ranges from 7.5-20,00,000 Lakhs. For loans above 7.5 lakhs, the repayment period is made to be 10 years while for loans above 7.5 lakhs, the period is 15 years.

Educational Loan Provider Institutes in India:-

  1. Global Student Loan Corporation- An agency which works with an international network of students to allow for easy loans with divided responsibilities of sharers of loan. The loan could be the whole amount of the program minus the aid, if any . As it says it’s the only comprehensive education loan for international and distance Learning students which do not require a co-signor from the host country.
  1. International Student Loan program- This organization aims to fund the entire tuition fee minus aid if any but restricts to giving credit only for the purposes of education in US nad hence requires a co-signor for the same to cover the other substantial expenses of living, accommodation etc.
  1. Avanse Financial services- An educational financing company borne out of the need to provide for Indian students seeking programs abroad. The minimum credit limit is 1, 00,000 however, the maximum extends to the entire fee of the program as well as living expenses minus financial, if any.