List of Scholarship Exams to Study Abroad

Once upon a time, to study abroad was a luxury available to few. Gone are those days. Students aspiring to study abroad nowadays have easy access to student loans, and even better, scholarships!

The availability of scholarships has opened various gateways for students to attain international education. In India, countless international scholarships are available for interested students. These scholarships are available for different academic purposes varying from full-time graduate, postgraduate and research to diploma courses, semester courses, summer schools and internships.

Scholarship exams to study abroad
Scholarship exams to study abroad

One may ask where do these scholarships come from! Well, we are here to inform you that there are numerous foundations, organizations and institutions that generously support the education of the youth. Besides, government and private universities, organizations such as Huawei, TATA, Agha Khan Foundation, Commonwealth, British Council, Birla education Trust, Mahalaxmi education Trust, Mahindra, etc are some of the major scholarship providers to study abroad. These scholarships reach interested candidates via universities, internships or workplace.

There are various scholarship exams to study abroad. Given the population and the competition that prevails in our country, these exams are for the purpose of screening the candidates. Deserving candidates get the scholarships. These exams are, naturally, very competitive. The exams are conducted worldwide in order to provide opportunities to the best students to study abroad.

Some of the mandatory scholarships exams to study abroad, for Indian students, are as follows:

  1. GRE – Graduate Record Examination is a standardized test that is an admission requirement for many graduate schools in US and other countries.
  2. GMAT – Graduate Management Admission Test is a standardized test for evaluating the aptitude of graduate students of business studies.
  3. TOEFL – Test of English as Foreign Language is designed to check the proficiency of the English language of students belonging to non-English countries.
  4. MCAT – Medical College Admission Test is a competitive exam designed to assess various aspects and caliber that are prerequisite to the study of medicine.
  5. SAT – is the most common test taken by students aspiring to study in US universities. It is a standard exam which is the gateway for freshmen to almost all universities in US.
  6. ACT – is the alternate exam of SAT. This is also an aptitude test which is accepted by most US colleges. The difference is that, unlike SAT, this exam is more science oriented. Students can choose to take either of the two exams for scholarships to study abroad.
  7. IELTS – International English Language Testing System is an international standard exam for testing the proficiency of English language of the non-native English language speakers. It is one of the most important exams for acquiring admissions abroad.

Here is a list of some of the most prominent scholarships in India:

  1. Foundation of International Scholarship
  2. Shelter design Competition for Architecture
  3. Imperial College Junior Research Fellowship
  4. TATA Innovation Fellowship
  5. Max Planck Luxembourg
  6. The Fulbright Scholarship
  7. Rotary Scholarship
Scholarship exams to study abroad
Scholarship exams to study abroad

In today’s time world-class education is not impossible. There are so many competitive scholarship exams in India. If you are dedicated, hard working and focused, success will find its way to you. The scholarship exams in India are not very difficult. With good practice, these exams can be cleared and you can easily attain scholarships to study abroad. So buckle up today!