Best Colleges in the UK

Are you looking for the best colleges in the UK? Then this article will absolutely appropriate for you. Most of the students who want to study in abroad get puzzled in the case of choosing a suitable college as per the requirements. Here is the list of the best colleges in the USA where you can easily go to make your future brighter.

Pomona College

This California-based college is very well known and reputed college. You can easily take the admission here for bachelor, master and doctorate degrees. Pomona College is best known for its art sections. The cost is almost sixty-two thousand US dollars in a year. You can easily choose the college for English literature, world history, psychology or geography like many other arts subjects.

Williams College

Williams College is based in Massachusetts which is second highest popular college in the USA. Generally, the college is best known for its liberal arts subjects. If Modern languages, English literature, philosophy or history is your subject then you should not late to get admission in this college.

Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College is third highest popular college in the USA which is located in Pennsylvania. You can also choose this college where you can learn liberal art subjects as per your own choice. Almost sixty-two thousand US dollar needs as an expenditure for a whole year.

Amherst College

This is another Massachusetts-based private liberal art college. The college is having a huge reputation regarding educational system. The student-faculty ratio is one in eight which is very much helpful for the students.

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is based in New Hampshire in the USA which is very popular private college. Generally, the college is having a good reputation in the field of art subjects and athletics. The homely atmosphere and huge library facility can be provided by the college to every student.

Other renowned and good colleges in USA are as follows-

1.      Williams College2.      Massachusetts Institute of Technology3.      Dartmouth College4.      Claremont McKenna College5.      Haverford College

6.      Bowdoin College

7.      Wellesley College

8.      Vassar College

9.      Carleton College

10.  Davidson College

11.  Middlebury College

12.  California Institute of Technology

13.  Boston College

14.  United States Air Force Academy

15.  College of William & Mary

16.  Barnard College

17.  Colby College

18.  Oberlin College

19.  Kenyon College

20.  Whitman College

21.  Hamilton College

22.  Reed College

23.  Lafayette College

24.  Smith College

25.  College of the Holy Cross

26.  Harvey Mudd College

27.  Franklin and Marshall College

28.  Colorado College

29.  Bryn Mawr College

30.  Grinnell College

31.  Union College

32.  Macalester College

33.  Bates College

34.  Scripps College

35.  Trinity College

36.  Wheaton College

37.  Dickinson College

38.  Skidmore College

39.  Centre College

40.  Georgia Institute of Technology

41.  Connecticut College

42.  Occidental College

43.  Mount Holyoke College

44.  Wofford College

45.  Rhodes College

46.  Kalamazoo College

47.  Saint Olaf College

48.  Pitzer College

49.  Gettysburg College

50.  Hampshire College

So, here is the list of best colleges in the USA. Visit their websites to get the details info about the colleges and the eligibility to get admitted in them in any one of them. All the best for your bright future. We wish you get success with flying colours.