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A student life is full of struggle, hardworking, sadness, happiness, laziness, tension and many crazy moments in one word we can describe student’s life as unpredictable. No student has the ability to predict a student’s life. But among all these crazy moments each and every student has only one aim in his/her life, and that is to succeed or reach their goal in life by crossing every obstacle and examinations. Now students have a different kind of dreams or wishes; some want to complete their study in their own country and some outside that is in a foreign land.

End of questions for study in foreign land

Now the one who thinks about travelling abroad or completing their further studies in foreign countries then this article is just for them. Especially if one is thinking about Living and Study in UK, the first thing that they worry about is the cost of travelling to the UK. Now adjusting the money for the journey is not the end. The second thing that comes to one’s mind is the fee of the university, but the fee is the not the end of the thought. There is more to it the one also needs to think about the living charges.

Expenses for stay and education to count

Yes, thinking about Living and Study in UK is not at all a very thought to think. Now let’s discuss the problems or the expenses that one needs to pay attention before travelling to the UK. First is the Council Tax if anyone wants to stay in England then one has to pay Council Tax. Then comes the other one that is the Television License- if one is staying in England and watching Television, then one needs to pay for the license. The most important one is the rent.

Here is a brief discussion of all the living costs in the UK

House rent

It varies depending upon the location you select to stay. A one-room flat rents almost $1000 if you want to stay in the city. It costs around $850 outside the city for one-room flat. The rent increases if the energy costs are included within it.

Council Tax

You need to pay council tax for staying in the UK. If you live alone, then the charges are low, but if you live with your family, then the charges are increased. Generally, $40 is charged per week, and you get the service of police forces, street maintenance, and trash collection, etc.

Other utilities

If gas, electricity and water cost is not included in your house rent, then you need to pay $40-$60 extra per week for getting these facilities.

Television license

Yes, you are reading it right. You need to pay television tax if you are watching television in the UK.  The cost is $230 per year for colour television. But this cost is based on per home. So if you share your room with your roommates, then the tax is divided among all of you.

Travel cost

This completely depends on how much you travel.

Miscellaneous costs

Costs like foods, books, internet and others that you need on daily basis.

So calculate your living cost accordingly and collect the fund. Now you can fly to your dream country for your higher education.

Estimated living costs 2016-17

Budgeting for living costs is an important part of planning for university life.

money in wallet

Estimated monthly costs

These are estimated lower and upper costs of living in Edinburgh. The cost of living can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle, budget and spending habits.

These costs are broken down by month. You can calculate your estimated budget based on how long you will be in Edinburgh.

These costs do not include tuition fees.

Some students may need to pay additional course costs.

Monthly Costs: Lower range Monthly Costs: Upper range
Rent £380 £750
Food £140 £250
Gas/electricity* £50 £80
Internet £20 £60
Mobile phone £10 £50
Laundry/toiletries £10 £40
Printing, stationery, photocopying, text books £25 £50
Total per month £635 £1,280

*Most University accommodation includes gas and electricity costs.

University accommodation & prices


Food costs will account for a significant part of your budget. This will vary depending on your taste and dietary needs.

Remember, even in catered halls you will need to buy lunches.

This ‘Food shopping guide’ is a useful tool in planning your budget for food.


Food shopping guide (426.45 KB PDF)

Initial one-off costs

When you first begin university life there will be some one-off costs to consider. It is important to plan for these in your budget where necessary.

Temporary accommodation Around £50 per night
Deposit for accommodation Usually equivalent to one months’ rent. International students might need to pay more than this in the absence of a UK-based guarantor. In University accommodation you don’t pay a deposit.
Furniture If you rent an unfurnished flat you will need to provide your own furniture.
Bedding In University accommodation, bedding packs can be ordered online in advance and delivered to your room – £25 – £40
Insurance In University accommodation it is included in rent. In private accommodation, in most cases, you will need to purchase this personally. Endsleigh Insurance offers an online service.
Police Registration £34 – If you are required to register with the police on arrival in the UK it will be clearly indicated in your passport.
Internet and phone installation £35 – £50 – It is a good idea to visit a price comparison website when considering cable, mobile phone or internet tariffs.
TV Licence £145.50 – If you watch TV in your accommodation this licence is required on an annual basis. This can be paid in instalments.

Additional costs to consider

Depending on your lifestyle and living arrangements there may be additional costs to consider. It is important to plan for these in your budget where necessary.

Travelling Travel costs in Scotland/UK or overseas will vary. Try to plan for visits home by checking on rail/air fares and adding this to your budget.
Bus fares £1.60 per journey, £4.00 per day, £45 for a 4-week travel card
Internet/TV package £35 – £85 per month
Clothing £40 – £100 per month
Gym membership £16 – £50 per month
Childcare £40 – £60 per day


Further information and advice on childcare is available from the Scottish Family Information Service – a government website.

The University has a nursery called Arcadia Nursery. You can find out about the services and costs on the website.

Social costs

It is also important to include costs of your social life in your budget. Here are some guide prices.

Student cinema ticket £7 – £10
Haircut £10 – £50
Restaurant lunch £10 – £15
Restaurant dinner £15 – £30
Beer (1 pint) £2.75 – £4.50
Wine (1 small glass) £2.50 – £4.00

International student calculator

You can use this online tool to help you plan a budget before coming to the UK.

Additional support

The Advice Place can offer information and advice on budgeting, funding and money.

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