MBA Degree in Canada

MBA Degree in Canada- In many cases, international students desire to study in Canada because the education is affordable. The cost of living is also considered to be less expensive. However, the cost of living and tuition fees may differ from institution to institution. It also depends on the course. One needs to consider the costs of books, housing and living expenses, besides the tution fees. Having said that, students need to keep in mind that gaining admission in Canada is not an easy task. Let’s look at the options of getting an MBA Degree in Canada.

MBA in Canada

To be eligible to pursue an MBA course in Canada, candidates should have sixteen years of undergraduate education.  In other words, applicants should have four years of education after high school. If you have a three year degree after high school then you are not eligible to gain admissions in most of the MBA schools in Canada. To increase your chances of gaining admission in a reputed university, it would be advisable to complete a master’s course like an M.Sc or

MBA Degree in Canada:

The other option would be to opt for a one year university affiliated program. It is to be noted that independent courses such as those undertaken at NIIT and part time diploma courses may or may not be accepted. One needs to check with the concerned university to check their admission criteria. Tests like GMAT and TOEFL are also a must for most MBA business schools in Canada. There are some business schools that pay emphasis to work experience. They require a minimum of two to three years of work experience.

Top MBA programs in Canada

Here’s list of some of the top MBA programs in Canada offered by reputed universities. The list offers a brief idea on the MBA Courses List and other MBA course details.

McGill University – Desautels Faculty of Management – They offer full-time MBA programs. The duration for this program is 20 months. The concentrations of these programs are Finance, Marketing, Global Strategy and Leadership, Technology and Innovation Management. The part time programs include Professional MBA, MBA Japan, MBA/MD and MBA law.

University of Toronto – Joseph L. Rotman School of Management – It is listed on FIND as one of the best schools for students who are looking to grow in a career related to Finance or Financial Services, Corporate Finance and Strategy. The tution fees for a full time MBA is 107,800 CAD. The popular concentrations are Brand Management, Business Design, Consulting, Financial Reporting and Analysis. Part-time courses include morning & evening MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA/MGA (Master of Global Affairs), MBA/PharmD and so on.

York University – Schulich School of Business – The tution fees for the full time course costs 94,044 CAD. The duration for the course is 20 months. The concentrations are Finance, Consulting, Marketing, Entrepreneurial Studies etc. The full time courses include MBA, International MBA (IMBA) and MBA. Part time courses include MBA, and Executive MBA. They offer Dual Degrees courses like MBA/JD (MBA Juris Doctor), MBA/MFA/MA (MBA/Master of Fine Arts/ Master of Arts).

University of British Columbia (UBC) – Sauder School of Business – The tution fees for the full time course is 65,998 CAD. The duration for the full time course is 16 months. The concentrations are Finance, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Product and Service Management. Part time courses include MBA and International MBA. Dual courses include MBA/JD (MBA Juris Doctor). Executive MBA courses include EMBA in Strategic Mining Management and Healthcare.

University of Western Ontario – Richard Ivey School of Business – The duration for this course is only 12 months. The tution fees for the course is 96,750 CAD. The concentrations are Finance, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Strategy and Leadership, International Management and Marketing. The full time courses include Ivey MBA and MBA (Accelerated). Dual Degree courses offered here MBA/JD. Executive MBA courses can also be pursued here.

Study in Canada

To study in Canada, you must find an institution where you would like to study. You can check the institutions that host international students. You have to be accepted by the desired designated learning institution before you apply for a work permit. Generally candidates will receive study permit, if they desire to study in Canada. Applicants who have been issued a study permit on or after August 1, 2015 will be issued an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization).