What Does it Cost in Canada for Doing an MBA?

Looking to do MBA in Canada? Usually the common question asked is around the Cost in Canada for Doing an MBA. The fee structure for MBA programs varies across universities in Canada. Please have a look at the list given below to understand the different components of tuition fees for acquiring your MBA degree from top Canadian universities. This will help you to plan your expenses and design your educational budget accordingly.

  1. University of Victoria

Fees:- $40,101.40 (total fees)
Refer to this table for complete details on fee structure. All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Cost Repetition Total
Tuition $ 5162.02 each term x 6 $30,972.12
MBA program fee $604.88 each term x 6 $3,629.28
Internship (Co-op work term)1 $867.26 0-2 terms non-mandatory
International Applied Project (estimate)2 $5,500 Single trip $5,500
Total estimated cost3 $40,101.40

1For candidates with less than three years of work experience, one Co-op work term is compulsory. Some candidates may also decide to do another optional work term. Daytime candidates generally complete their regulatory Co-op work term in the summer session (May-Aug) between Year 1 and Year 2. However, for candidates with more than 3 years of work experience, Co-op is non-mandatory.

2The International Applied Project (IAP) travel cost is roughly $5,000 depending on the country visited during the IAP. The IAP fee is usually paid immediately preceding the project.

3The total cost in Canada for Doing an MBA, does not cover approximate textbook cost of CAD 2,600. Also note that there is an expected rise in the international MBA Tuition and MBA Program Fee of 14% effective from May 2019.

For more details, kindly visit: https://www.uvic.ca/gustavson/gill/mba/tuition/index.php

  1. University of British Columbia

Fees:- CAD 1,36,255 (total fees)

Please go through this table for complete details on fee structure and related expenses.

Component Expense (in Canadian Dollars)
Tuition Fees 79,290
Student Fees (covers U-PASS & AMS Extended Health Insurance) 1,800
MBA Student Building Fee 1,600
MBA Society Fee 400
Global Immersion Experience 5,000
Global Immersion Experience Administration Fee 600
Textbooks, Course Fees and Supplies (does not cover computer supplies) 3,000
iMED ($180 for the first 3 months + $9 invoice) 189
Medical Service Plan (British Columbia Health Insurance) 936
Rent (Average for 1 Bedroom-Apartment outside the campus) 25,600
Utilities: Cable TV, Internet, Heater 2,240
Mobile phone (full package) 1,200
Food and discretionary expenses 14,400
Total expenses 1,36,225

For more details, students are requested to visit: http://www.sauder.ubc.ca/Programs/MBA/MBA_Full_Time/Admissions/International_Applicants

  1. York Univesity

Fees:- CAD$ 83,400 (total)

York University has a special MBA in India program for Indian students. In this full-time program, students are expected to complete the first two terms in the Schulich India campus in Hyderabad, India and the last two terms at the Keele campus in Toronto, Canada.

Yearly Expenses In Canadian Dollars (Rounded to the nearest 10)
Year 1: Expenses for each term (Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Summer 2018) 23,750
Year 2: Expenses for each term (Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Summer 2019) 25, 470
Financial support for Year 1 15,000
Total Cost1 83,400

1Total cost is rounded to the nearest $100.

For complete details regarding the fee structure, please go to:


  1. University of TorontoFees:- CAD $116,610 (total)

University of Toronto has the following fee structure for international students:

Type of Student 1st Year Tuition Fee (in CAD) 2nd Year Tuition Fee (in CAD) Total Fees (in CAD)
International students $57.160 $59.450 $116.610

Apart from the annual tuition fees, students are also expected to submit payment for university incidental fees and Rotman ancillary fees.
For more details, please visit:


  1. Queens University 

Fees:- CAD$ 93,000 (total)

At times, for covering the cost in Canada for Doing an MBA, may require some deposit in advance. Queen’s University requires students to pay an initial deposit while enrolling for the MBA program. After that, they can pay the remaining balance in three installments. The table below provides a rough estimate of the tuition fees for the Queen’s MBA program:

Type of Payment Due Date Cost (in CAD)
Deposit At the time of enrollment $5,000
1st Instalment January 15, 2019 $26,000
2nd Instalment May 1, 2019 $31,000
3rd September 1, 2019 $31,000
Total $93,000

For more details, please visit:


  1. University of Western Ontario

Fees:- CAD $106,500 (total)

The table given below provides information on other academic expenses:

Course Cost (in CAD)
Economics Primer (8 classes) $678
Finance, Accounting and Spreadsheets Primer (16 classes) $1,130
Quantitative Analysis Primer (10 classes) $904
International Study Trip (Optional Elective) $3,000-$4,000

For complete details about the tuition fees for the MBA program at University of Western Ontario, please visit:


  1. Concordia University

Fees:- CAD $37,100 (total)

The tuition fees for international students enrolling for the MBA program in Concordia University is CAD 37,100. For more details, please visit:


  1. University of Ottawa

Fees:- CAD $52,456 (total)

The total cost of the MBA program is approximately CAD 52,456 for the intensive program and CAD 57,108 for the professional program. For additional information, please go to:


  1. Trinity Western University

Fees:- CAD  $36,225

In 2016-17, the tuition fees for the International Business specialization was CAD 805 per semester hour. The MBA program is comprised of 45 semester hours with total tuition fees coming up to CAD 36,225. For complete information on tuition fees, please visit: