MBA in India Vs MBA in USA: Which is Better?

The battle choice between MBA in India Vs USA still continues to baffle many students who wish to pursue a career in business administration. Although the Indian B-Schools have evolved a lot better from what they used to be in the late 1990s but the question is how far they have actually improved? Where do they rate if we draw a comparison between Business Schools in India and Business Schools in USA? These are pivotal questions to be asked when you are thinking of doing an MBA program and confused whether you should be doing it in India or US?

MBA in India Vs USA: Choose the Better Option

Here, we are going to help you to understand the various parameters you should be evaluating while taking your decision whether to study MBA in India or MBA in USA. What are the different pros and cons of an MBA in India Vs US and which will suit you better in terms of your long-term career plans and which one will give you better ROI?

The question of whether MBA in India Vs USA can be evaluated from different point of views:

Learning Style and Quality of Education:

The subjects covered in the curriculum of most of the B-Schools are more or less similar whether it is an Indian B-School or a US one. One can always choose the core specialisation and the elective subjects and design the curriculum according to your interest. So, in both the cases, you will be studying the subject you want to but what differ are the learning style and the approach towards the subject matter.

The learning approach followed by B-Schools in US is ‘practical oriented’ with more real life problems and situations forming part of the discussion in the class. They follow the case-study approach with more practical solutions. The quality of education and the infrastructure provided is way better than Indian B-Schools.

The Business Schools in India are also improving and the top-notch B-Schools do provide quality education but they are still not at par with the US Universities. Still, not many people know about IIMs in the world. The US has the maximum number of top universities in the Qs ranking of the World Top Universities providing an MBA.

Cost and Return on Investment: The Average MBA Cost in USA is much higher than Average MBA Cost in India. The fee you have to pay at the top colleges in the US is much higher than that of the top colleges in India.

The average cost of MBA in India from a tier I college will cost around 10-15 lakhs and the same from the US tier I colleges will cost around 50-80 lakhs. Even the cost of study difference in tier II institutions also varies from 7-15 Lakhs.

Indeed, budget and cost is an important parameter and should be considered firstly. If you have the money required at hand you should be opting for the Top US Business Schools because that will in return get you a big fat salary package as well.

MBA Admission Eligibility Criteria: When you start your planning to study MBA in USA, you should check the eligibility criteria for the school and program you want to apply for.

Most of the B-Schools in USA expect you to have 16 years of education after 10+2 and have at least 3-6 years of work experience and 2-3 letters of recommendations from your employers. The professional recommendations are a must and play an important role while selecting your application by the B-Schools.

On the other hand in India, you can go for an MBA immediately after your 3-years of graduation. Though the top B-Schools prefer to have working professionals in the class but it is not a mandatory criterion. So, if you want to go for an MBA immediately after graduation, you don’t have much choice but to study in India.

Career After MBA: It is a very important question which you should be asking yourself now i.e. What after MBA? What is it that you want to do after completing your MBA? If you pursue your MBA from USA, it is always advisable to stay back and go for a job which pays you in dollars so that you can get a good ROI. An international student is required to work in US for at least 3-5 years to repay the loan if taken for the studies. However, if you wish to come back to India, after doing MBA in USA, you won’t get that kind of ROI. Also, the Indian Market knowledge is imperative if you wish to work in India after MBA, so, in that case, you should be choosing MBA in India.

Global Citizen and Wide Horizons: MBA in USA will help you to connect to the people from all across the world as the universities in US encourage diversity at the campus and many international students will be there in your class. With MBA in USA, you get an added advantage of international networking which is very vital for any business administration person.

When you stay with students from different cultural backgrounds, you become more acceptable of other cultures and become a global citizen. It also widens your thinking horizons and you have a better perspective about the situations at hand. So, studying MBA in USA helps to grow your interpersonal skills as well as your social skills. You become more acceptable and receptive.

Finally, I would say firstly sit with a pen and paper and list down your career plans, budget, what is it that you want to learn from MBA, why you want to pursue MBA and then evaluate all the above parameters to know what will suit you the best.

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