MBA in London – An Overview

Do you want to secure your position at the top and become an efficient businessman or entrepreneur? If the answer is “yes”, then you probably thinking of pursuing an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) degree to learn and gain the experience required to become a successful manager.

Who doesn’t want stability in his/her life? Who doesn’t want to earn money? Who doesn’t want to have all possessions? Who doesn’t want to secure his/her life for the future? – pursuing MBA is a path towards your achievements. But is that all? No, pursuing an MBA is not a big deal, but pursuing MBA from a renowned institution is something worth doing. Your idea, life, and perspective totally depend on the institution you choose to study in.

Planning to do MBA is the most sought-after decision in one’s life and that too from overseas is like icing on the cake. Over the years, business schools in Europe have built a strong reputation in terms of knowledge and excellence in training. If you are targeting a European country for your qualifications, then MBA from London is the most prestigious choice for you. London business schools have their own legacy for shaping rocks into gems. They manage to teach future professionals – How to plan? How to build? How to maintain? – A successful business career.

One could definitely say that a European MBA degree truly connects you to the business world and provides access to a global network. This institution gives you an exposure that helps to make your own name and place in the world and prepares you to face challenges in a professional market. MBA from London business schools is like the most highly respected qualification award one can receive in the world. These qualifications can make a huge difference for both local and international students, in every type of industry.

Choosing to study in London schools and universities is a life-changing decision as one is equipped with the latest technologies, logical thinking, critical analysis, professional training by professional faculties, and many things that are needed for a successful business career.

Reasons for Studying in London schools:

1. For international and domestics MBA students, London is home to various organizations and offers you unparalleled access to financial services, industry, and headquarters to numerous global corporations. The main reason to opt for London business schools is that they maintain close links with industry leaders and various global organizations that provide opportunities to their students to meet large companies and corporations and build business relations with them.

2. London MBA prepares you to meet the requirements of 21st-century business. These close links with business and industry, you will meet a large number of people at events, lectures, and seminars that will help benefit you in your future career. In London, there are investors, employers, and multiple opportunities waiting on your doorstep – Google campus and General Assembly.

3. Another reason, if you decide to study MBA full-time in London it will last only one year. Unlike other countries where duration is usually up to two years, the London programs make it an easier way for you both financially and in career-wise. That doesn’t mean that they are not giving much time to develop your skills, these programs have something for everyone from a diverse range of tracks and concentrations to programs with efficient learning.

4. These programs are specialized in certain fields such as marketing, finance, human resources, and project management. These programs give you global perspectives on business matters and teach you how to manage any problem, business operation, and growth of a company. No matter where you want to build your career in Europe, the U.S., or Asia, the knowledge you have acquired at these schools will give you the proper skills to successfully achieve any goal on a professional level for a successful business.

5. London gives you a wide variety of small and private colleges, which give you a low-cost MBA to international students in comparison to American Business schools. Many of these colleges have university-affiliated MBA degree programs and provide a low-cost alternative for international students, with tuition fees starting at around INR 30-40 Lakh per year. Though executive or international MBA courses can have higher fees.

6. London schools give you financial assistance when it comes to paying for your MBA or any degree in the form of scholarships, grants, or bursaries. Some come with specific requirements like according to our previous academic qualification.

7. Last but not the least, of the world’s top 100 universities, the UK has its 16 institutions, including four in the top ten –Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, and Imperial College London. The UK is high on student’s destination lists because of its history, global language, and reputation for high quality.

Advantages of Studying in London schools:

1. The main advantage of studying in London schools is that these schools have fewer students in a class. Total there are 120 students, and they are separated into groups of 30-35, which is a good number of students to get personalized attention, training, and business knowledge at the same time.

2. These programs are world-class renowned, internationally accredited, and regular at world top universities rankings. Also, it will give you a good network to build career opportunities and affordable access to the rest of Europe.

3.Learning in the UK will help you to know about different cultures and brush up your skills in the language. Also, you’ll expose to various types of people coming from different backgrounds and can use this opportunity to learn a new foreign language. Regardless if it will be French, Spanish, German, or any other language, fluency in these will also help you in the business world.

4.After completing your program, you gain alumni status and can join the alumni club of London business school. This club will help you to broaden your network and opens a risk storehouse of opportunities and resources for your business growth.

5. A person going for higher education will make him an independent person and especially when he chooses to study in some international county and not in his/her home country. Being an outsider to a new country will teach you many lessons in your life. From cooking for yourself to managing your expenditure, it will help you lead a balanced life.

6. Food is one thing that can’t be static; it needs changes and fusions whether living in the home country or in an international country. Almost every nationality of food from Argentina to South Korea can taste in London and, of course, the classics London traditional food.

Top 10 MBA programs in London: Business College/Universities/ Institutions Duration Fees Structure
1. London Business School 15-21 months INR 47.21 Lakhs for 1st year
2. Imperial College business school 12 months INR 50.1 Lakh per year
3. Cass Business School, City University 12 months INR 42 Lakh per year
4. Hult’s International Business school 12 months INR 52.7 Lakh per year
5. ESCP Europe- London Campus 18 months INR 55 Lakh per year
6. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business 21 months to 3 years INR 55 Lakh per year
7. Warwick Business School 12 months INR 40 Lakh per year
8. Brunel Business School 12 months INR 20 Lakh per year
9. Kingston University London 12 months INR 24 Lakh per year
10. Westminster Business School 12 months INR 19Lakh per year


Eligibility/Admission Criteria

An existing business degree of bachelors is not mandatory to apply for an MBA in the UK. The process is quite the same in all universities for international students. Some universities also ask for your TOEFL or IELTS score to test your language proficiency. Also, very few named colleges also offer an MBA without work experience, but the majority of them want good work experience. However, if you wish your efforts in MBA to pay off, it is advisable to apply for only the highly recognized colleges.

The basic requirements:

  1. An undergraduate degree successfully completed, a significant amount of work experience is mandatory.
  2. Some universities also include extra-curricular activities as a part of the CV.
  3. A well-written Personal Statement is also mandatory and a key to a successful application.
  4. Some universities require the students to give the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is an essential requirement of the course.
  5. Recommendation letters from your previous colleagues or employees or faculties.
  6. Also, some universities conduct a face-to-face personal interview in the admission process.

Scholarships for MBA in the UK

The scholarships awarded to the students of MBA in the UK are:

  • Global Study Awards
  • The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships-University of Cambridge
  • The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program
  • BrokerFish International Student Scholarship
  • Go Clean Scholarship
  • GREAT Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship
  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  • Chevening Scholarship
  • Oxford India Centre Scholarship
  • University of East Anglia Scholarships
  • Education Grants by Tata Trusts
  • Academy Asia Senior Fellowship
  • Inlaks Scholarships
  • Felix Scholarships
  • Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships
  • The Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  • The Rhodes Scholarships India
  • Graduate Scholarships at LSE
  • Research Council UK Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus – Scholarships and Academic Cooperation
  • International Academic Scholarship at the University of Worcester
  • The University of Lincoln Scholarship