MBA in Singapore for Indian Students- Why to Study in Singapore?

MBA in Singapore for Indian Students- Getting into good MBA College in India is highly competitive as the numbers of aspiring candidates are more than the seats available. Considering the ratio of MBA aspirants in India to the top B-School seats, it makes a good sense for students to look for good B-Schools in other countries if they don’t get admission into the top B-Schools in India.

MBA in Singapore:

Singapore is highly recommended and considered by the Indian students because of the phenomenal growth of Singapore, secondly because of the cultural similarity and lastly because of the Top Ranking B-Schools in Asia.

Why pursue MBA in Singapore:

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should study MBA in Singapore.

  1. Easy Scholarship

The World’s Greatest City is also the World’s Most Expensive City as recently determined by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). But don’t let this defer your thoughts from pursuing MBA in Singapore. The tuition fee in Singapore is less than many other Asian Countries. There are many fellowship grants and scholarship programs for Indian Students.

  1. Best Education System in the World

Singapore Government is working hard towards raising the education level by giving importance to the educational innovations. They are ready to conquer the global economy with the shared vision, explicitly defined outcomes and strategies towards their achievement. The entire Asia Continent is working hard towards international higher education, Singapore is surpassing the rest in establishing itself.

  1. Degree Renowned by Employers

Singapore is ranked in the top three “Best Student’s City” for multiple reasons. Singapore is having an extraordinary reputation of being the epicentre for higher education, research and innovation. Employers not only from Asia but across the globe seek grads from Singapore. Singapore is the most desirable spot for students because of the quality of education and because of many doors open for them.

  1. Best Student Life

  • Safety – Apart from being beautiful and vibrant, Singapore has very strict laws. The low crime rate makes the streets and public transport any easy access. There are strict laws for students in colleges regarding ragging and bullying.
  • Diversity – Singapore welcomes diversity. The environment and climate are so soothing that newcomers fall in love and settle easily. There is a melding of various cultures in Singapore.
  • Time is no bound – Singapore is as enlighten in the night as in the day. The night owls will have a great time as the shops, restaurants and other attractions are open till late.
  • Worth the pay – Singapore is an expensive country but the amenities what we get in return of what we pay is worth the pay. The local transport is very cheap in Singapore.
  • Easy Acclimate – International and Indian students easily acclimate because of the presence of four languages of which English is the highly spoken one.

MBA programs in Singapore demand high score in IELTS/TOEFL because of the cut-throat competition.

Business Schools in Singapore have high tuition fees but it is less than some of the Asian Countries. Many international students get tuition grants.

MBA for Indian Students in Singapore is highly recommended because of the quality of higher education and 16 hours of part-time work without a work limit.

Get..Set…Fly…MBA in Singapore!!!

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