MBA in USA vs MBA in Canada

MBA in USA vs MBA in Canada

Are you planning to go for an MBA in abroad and thinking about your options. You have come to the right place. Here we will tell you about the MBA in USA vs MBA in Canada. Both having world class and internationally ranked colleges and universities, it can be quite difficult for a student to decide whether he should pursue a degree as important as MBA from USA or Canada? With both the nations being extremely developed and offering top notch facilities to its students, this confusing question often troubles students around the globe.

Let us first analyze some of the key benefits of studying MBA in USA and Canada:

  1. Offers several growth and career opportunities
  2. Graduates from renowned colleges of these 2 nations get a higher salary package as compared to students from other countries
  3. Students get to interact with peers from around the globe as USA and Canada attracts students from worldwide
  4. Students can undergo internships with local companies thereby getting global experience

However, MBA in USA and MBA in Canada are not exactly the same. Let us analyze which country would be better for a student depending on his unique requirements and future plans.


Home to some of the best universities the world has to offer, USA is a great place to pursue MBA from. Universities like University of Phoenix, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Southern California and Columbia University are names just to begin with, with many more top notch colleges offering prime education to MBA students. These universities offer specializations in several subjects like Supply Chain Management, Environmental Management, Healthcare Management, Innovation Management or Entrepreneurship with many more to follow.

However, one issue is that almost all international students experience when studying in USA is that though they are allowed to both study and work in USA for some time, this country will never provide them with citizenship or a Green card. This means that once the student’s course is over, he will have to invariably return to his homeland even if he wishes to settle down permanently in USA.

MBA in Canada

Canada on the other hand, is also home to some of the finest universities the world has seen. University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, McGill University, York University, University of Alberta and University of Ottawa are just a few names to begin with, in the world of MBA with many more to follow. Just like USA, Canada too offers specialization courses in an array of subjects allowing the student to pursue the Master’s degree in any field he likes.

However, if an international student studies for a period of 2 years in Canada and also gets a 2-year work permit in the country then he will most likely be able to get a PR in Canada which will eventually lead to Canadian citizenship. Moreover, Canada has also started a new and unique programme known as the Express Entry which allows international students to study, work and then settle down in the country for good.

Final Verdict

With the universities and colleges that impart MBA education being at par with one another, if we compare these two great nations, then the major difference lies in the fact that one offers PR to international students while the other doesn’t. So it is advisable to keep this factor in mind before making a final choice as to which country you would like to attain your MBA degree from.