Medical Sciences World Universities Rankings 2015-16

Lots of students were looking for Top Ranking Medical Sciences Universities in 2015-2016. Finally, the list of top medical sciences universities has been released rank wise. Let’s read the complete article for Medical Sciences World Universities Rankings 2015-2016

Medicine is not only one of the most noble career options but also one of the most sought after courses by students across the globe. Every year thousands of students sit for exams to attain seats in various medicine courses all over the world. Thus naturally medicine is also one of the most difficult and competitive courses to get into.

Medical Sciences World Universities Rankings
Medical Sciences World Universities Rankings

Given the population of the students that apply for medicine, the entrance exams for admission into medicine courses is very tough. This is done with the purpose of selecting the best out of the large crowd. Due to the popularity of the course many medicine schools have come to be. To ensure one’s success in the field of medicine, it is of utmost importance that the first step is the correct step i.e. admission into the right university.

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Medical Sciences World Universities Rankings 2015-2016:

Here we bring to you medical sciences world university rankings 2015-16, to help you decide the best place for you. Take a look!

  1. Harvard University, USA – Probably the best possible place to study in! Harvard is the oldest institution for higher education in USA. The academic environment of the university encourages and welcomes challenges, which keeps the scholars, students and faculty constantly motivated to give their best.
  2. University of Oxford, UK – The most prestigious and nearly nine century old university, Oxford is an internationally renowned center for research and education in the English speaking land. It is the dream of many to become a part of this hub of knowledge, but very few have the lucky fate!
  3. University of Cambridge, UK – With an outstanding reputation for academic achievement, University of Cambridge is one of the oldest academic centers in the world and the largest in UK. Its high standards reflect the intellectual capability of the students.
  4. John Hopkins University, USA – The first university of the western hemisphere to adapt the European model of higher education institutions wherein teaching is integrated with advancement in knowledge and research.
  5. Stanford University, USA – Stanford is recognized as one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions. The academic crowd at Stanford is recognized for its love for learning and desire to contribute to the society at large.
  6. University of California San Francisco (UCSF), USA – UCSF is in the forefront of the development of modern American biomedicine and medical education. The university has a rich history and is credited with the first academic medical center in the city of San Francisco.
  7. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA – The University is credited with some of the best research and academic achievements that the world has seen. It is an absolute privilege to be a part of this university.
  8. Yale University – Yale University is one of the most prestigious universities of the USA. Not only is it home to some of the most intellectual minds of our times, it is the hub of knowledge, art and culture. In current times of globalization, Yale provides a wonderful platform full of opportunities to students from all over the world.
  9. Karolinska Instituet, Sweden – Continually ranked among the top global universities, Karolinska Instituet is solely dedicated to medical and health sciences. The University is known worldwide for top quality research and innovation.
  10. University College London (UCL), UK – UCL is a great place to be in as a student. The challenging atmosphere and friendly competition keep the students on their toes. The university encourages and offers ample opportunities for its students to attain global exposure.
Medical Sciences World Universities Rankings
Medical Sciences World Universities Rankings

While there are various world ranking universities in medical sciences, the list described above mentions the top 10 for the year 2015-16. These names have been listed out by QS and Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

So here’s wishing a good luck to all the aspiring doctors and we hope that some of you make it to these top global universities, making the world a better place with your efforts and dedication.

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