NEET Phase 1 Paper Leaked or Not? What is Truth about AIPMT 2016 Paper Leak News

There has been a controversy raging behind the leakage of question papers for the highly competitive National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET), conducted by the CBSE Board. Amid the numerous rumors and news reports that appear before you, you may be interested to know the details whether NEET Phase 1 Paper Leaked or Not? What is Truth about AIPMT 2016 Paper Leak News Here are all the relevant details that you may find helpful. However, it is confirmed that something unethical had taken place in the first phase of the examination that took place on May 1. As many as eight people have been arrested in connection to this leakage of papers.

NEET Phase 1 Paper Leaked or Not?:

According to the sources, the paper had been leaked on Sunday 1st May, and the students who had appeared for the examination have to appear again for the exam. The re-scheduled dates of the examination are going o be declared soon. The NEET Phase 1 Paper Leaked paper is bad news for the students. True indeed, they will suffer a blow in the confidence level. Amid the troubles, the students are hooked to the internet and television, waiting for the new dates to be announced.

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Did paper leak amidst so much security?

The AIPMT 2016 Cancel News is a serious issue for the aspirants as well as the administrators. Students and academicians have raised the question about why the discouraging incident took place amid all the security systems. In connection with the arrests made by the police, the case is being investigated. The investigators are looking out for more culprits behind the incident.

This is the second time that the question papers had been leaked. In the first case, the leakage had taken place in Rohtak. This time, it was Varanasi. Of course, the NEET Phase 1 2016 Leak News is a shocking news for the students who had planned to crack the exam with good marks. For the last few weeks, they have been anxious over the question whether NEET Phase 1 Cancel or Not, AIPMT 2016 Leak may hamper their future career.

As per the information that had been gained, a group of students were behind the leakage of question papers including a 21-year-old girl. A GSM Sim in a small box, a sophisticated ear-bug, and battery were found with the lady. Enquiry on this issue is still going on.

Last year, the Supreme Court had cancelled the AIPMT examination when allegations of cheating arose after the examination. It is really discouraging to find the entire group of students suffering due to a section of miscreants. It is expected that the culprits will be brought to justice, but this will not save the other students from suffering. The government and educationists need to plan together and formulate a security strategy so that this type of incidents is not repeated in future.