New Zealand denies visas to thousands of Indian students

As per the latest news from the world of Education, the New Zealand has denied Visas to the thousands of Indian Students who have applied for the student visa to study in the New Zealand.  As per the media report from the Radio New Zealand, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) officials believed that the Indian students who have got themselves enrolled in the various tertiary institutions were not intending to study there.

As per the official figures, 51 institutes which include half of the New Zealand’s polytechnics had declined visas to the Indian students in large numbers. The decline rate of the New Zealand’s institutes is more than 30 percent.

The decline rate in most of the institutes is more than 50 %. Newton College of Business and Technology had a decline rate of more than 60 percent whereas The Imperial College of New Zealand has the highest decline rate of 86 percent.

The figures were calculated for the time span of six months starting from December 2015 to the end of May 2016 and it covered the institutes which received at least 10 visa applications from the Indian students.

The figures show that Immigration New Zealand turned down 3,864 visa applications for the institutions, and approved 3,176 during that time. As per the media report, the officials were not convinced that the applicants were really coming to study or they could not show the finances to support their studies.

The vast majority of the declined applications were not cases of fraud, but were simply not up to immigration specifications, Radio New Zealand quoted Auckland International Education Group spokesperson Paul Chalmers as saying.

“Immigration was sometimes turning down genuine students,” Chalmers said.

Immigration was being tougher on applications from India, but visa decline rates above 50 percent were questionable, said Richard Goodall, spokesperson for Independent Tertiary Education.

The Chief Executive of Newton College of Business and Technology in Auckland, Ashish Trivedi, told the media that all institutions enrolling from India were having a lot of students turned down.