Newcastle, UK- All you need to Know about the City Before Landing your Foots There

Newcastle upon Tyne is commonly known as Newcastle. It is a city and metropolitan borough in the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear, in North East England. It lies on the northern bank of the River Tyne around 8 miles from the North Sea.

Newcastle is a beautiful place steeped in history with Hadrian’s Wall and roman forts. These are just a metro ride away. One can witness the Victorian elegance and industrial grit as the city offers a spirited mix of heritage and urban sophistication. The city is home to the excellent art galleries & a magnificent concert hall, along with boutique hotels, some exceptionally unique restaurants, and interesting bars.

Newcastle, UK: Facts you must Know

Newcastle is a known education centre and home to a large student population. The city has two universities namely Newcastle University & Northumbria University. Newcastle University is one of the United Kingdom’s leading international universities. Also, Northumbria University was voted as the ‘Best New University’ by The Times Good University Guide in 2005 and has also won a much-coveted award of the “Most IT-enabled organization” by the IT industry magazine Computing.

Newcastle City

The city center is compact and so getting around is easier. It is also a regional centre for the arts, galleries, theatres, nightlife and live music. And if you wish to get away from it all, it’s also close to serene countryside and the dramatic coastline.


Students can opt to stay in the halls of residence by the universities or can choose to stay at the private accommodation. The universities provide various options to students as per their requirements and budget.

Students can also choose to stay at the private accommodation. There are 4 areas which are popular among the students for staying and it’s around Newcastle/Northumbria Universities lines. Northumbria students usually stay in Sandyford or down by Quayside and Newcastle students in Jesmond or Heaton.

The accommodation cost range from £84 to £135. One can select these accommodations as per the budget and lifestyle.

Cost of Living

Newcastle is a city with a comparatively low cost of living. Rent for the private accommodation is also reasonable & travelling around the city is inexpensive.  We are giving here an estimated cost of living which a student will need to bear while studying in Newcastle. The student will need around £10,500 – £12,000 for a year to cover the basic living costs in the city. The cost does not include tuition fees and includes the followings expense costs:

  • accommodation and utility bills
  • food & clothing
  • study costs
  • entertainment
  • insurance
  • transport

Travel and Transport

Road, Rail, Air, and Water are the different modes of transportation you can employ while moving around in the city. The Newcastle International Airport is around 6 miles away from the city centre and is one of the two major airports which serves the North East.

Newcastle railway station is also known as the Newcastle Central Station and it is a principal stop on the East Coast Main Line and the Cross Country Route. Central Station is known to be one of the busiest stations in Britain.

Tyne and Wear Metro serves the city and was the Britain’s first urban light rail transit system.

The well-built highways and coast roads connect the city. The public transportation system is efficient and cost-effective.

Newcastle is also accessible by several generally traffic-free cycle routes where cyclists can move around the city by using no car lanes.

Part-Time Job

Many students go for part-time jobs to support themselves and to enhance their work skills. Students can check online on the university portal as well as the notice boards in the campus and apply for the jobs as per their interest.

On-campus, as well as off-campus part-time jobs, are available for students. The international students can work for a particular number of hours as per the visa terms.

Food and Shopping

There are number of off-the-beat, unique and quirky restaurants, cafes and joints are there to explore and relax over the weekend. The famous one is Quilliam Brothers Tea Shop which is student’s favourite and it will give you proper Turkish Tea House feel. Hancock pub is another student’s favourite spot and serves really reasonable price food.

If you want to shop from the centre of the town, Eldon square and Northumberland Street are highly famous and you will be able to find all daily requirements. Metro Centre is another popular area for shopping and it is one of the largest shopping centres in the UK. Grainger Market and Newcastle Quayside Market are also heritage-listed markets and are quite popular amongst the students.


Newcastle has something to offer to all and you will never have the dearth of options to explore. If you like to participate in sports especially football, Newcastle United Football Club is more than a team and one can visit the St. James Park to watch a match.

There are a large number of theatres, live musical performance, restaurants, clubs, country-side, coast-side places are there to explore.


Newcastle is in the coldest region of the England and experiences a cold oceanic climate. Also, it is among the driest cities in the United Kingdom. Weather shots up to 32.5 °C during the summer and dips up to −12.6 °C in the months of winter.  August is the hottest month and the January is the coldest month of the year as per the previous records.

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