Numbers/Metrics of Students Going US For Higher Education From Different Countries

Numbers/Metrics of Students Going US For Higher Education- The last academic session i.e. 2013-14 saw a high influx of International students reaching the shores of America totaling around 8,86,052 which accounts for both public and private Institutions.

Along with India, students from China and Korea account for half of the international community of students studying there. According to Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, (which gives comprehensive statistics on the number of international students at colleges and universities in the United States, as well as an analysis of trends over time) surmises the trends to be pick up year after year. However an early view of the current academic session i.e. 2015-16 throws light on a near 10% rise in the international students community this year.

Numbers/Metrics of Students Going US For Higher Education:

The number of students pursuing programs on F1 visa has increased drastically from 1,10,000 to 5,24,000. There has been a steady influx of students from emerging economies such as China and Saudi Arabia. Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hyderabad and Riyadh are the major cities to send maximum students to the states from Asia and Middle East. Lately, the Middle East and North Africa  is deemed as the fastest growing hub for contributing to the International students community at states as it saw a spurt of 20% in its students ‘export’.

However, the numbers from India have seen a steady increase post its dip for the last three years owing to the high devaluation of Indian Rupee against dollars. Thus, the students from India increased by 6% to 1,02,673 by lapping up graduate programs. Despite these great numbers, the International Students Community make up for only 4% of the entire students’ population from roughly around 21 million plus strong students network

By far, the students from China make up for 31% of all International students in the States. Chinese student enrollment increased by  17%  accounting for more than 2,74,000 students with an 18% increase of students seeking undergraduate scholarship. Surprisingly, owing to an extensive scholarship Programs by the Saudi Govt. to study abroad which is been going around for last 11 years , saw 54,000 students in the last session. There has been quite an uprising of students from the neighboring Kuwait which saw a 43% noticeable increase in students owing taking its spot at  21st place in the top 25 places on globe with a great drive for States scholarship. It is said that it will continue to increase in the near future as well. Iran too followed suit, by sending around  10, 194 students to U.S  upping its quotient by 16%.

Now, for the top 3 places in the world with the maximum number of students for states scholarship are namely:  China India and South Korea which roughly account for half of entire international Student body studying In America. With a steady increase of student ‘export’ with the first two nations (China & India), the numbers of from Korea are gradually declining owing to the country’s economic and political reforms. However, as mentioned earlier, Saudi is rapidly increasing its stake by increasing its student export which now accounts for 6% of International students community thereby taking 4th place.

Much anticipated results awaited for 2015 as we see witness the metrics for the current year. Till then fingers crossed!

Numbers/Metrics of Students Going US For Higher Education
Numbers/Metrics of Students Going US For Higher Education