Overseas Education Is At Stake Due To Corona Virus

By Meet University

overseas education
overseas education

Coronavirus (Covid-19) because of which every human being is scared and is facing n number of difficulties in and around us. As for every child, their parents & family play a very major role, but in this time of difficulty, the major decision for a student is to decide whether to spend this time of pandemic with their family or still focus on their future by ignoring everything happening around them. The toughest part is played by the students who couldn’t come back to their home town and are overseas education for the next 6months at least because of the lockdown norms imposed by the country and obviously, the transportation is at hold. The way there was an unexpected closure of universities and students have to change the entire pattern of studies is not that easy as we think.

It might look easy to sit back at your place and go for online modules but it’s not that easy in reality as face-to-face education had a great impact on students from day one. Other than this it’s grinding all the students as to how are places like the library, mess, lounge, are going to after this pandemic period or when is this pandemic period going to end. There is a big question mark as to how are the students going to arrange their overseas education essentials in this complicated period of time. Along with this, the main problem faced by students overseas education is the timing issues which was never a consideration as students use to go and then attendant the classes at a particular place but, when we talk about virtual classes, the students might be at different parts of the world and so differs the time which makes it more difficult even to set a particular time at which the class is scheduled. Above all this the worst situation is for the students who are facing financial aids because these students use to work at the universities to earn and now it’s next to impossible, which results in an uncertain future. Apart from this, the students who went back to their hometown and lives in tier2 and tier3 area need to deals with the internet problems as well.
The pandemic period has left everyone in confusion regarding everything as the future is uncertain. For the students who just completed their 10+2 can and have not started fillings the forms for graduation for this year, should take a year off and wait to apply in 2021, which will help them giving clear views as to how worse or better are the situations or what should be the next step cause by that time the students might get familiar with the surroundings and might be a healthy condition to make such decisions. Despite wasting time over the graduation process and government orders, every student should apply for a virtual job, internship, or a course that helps them in the future.
The student’s aspirations for overseas education are in dilemma.