Part Time Job Options in The UK during your Study Period

The UK with her rich heritage attracts students from all over the world to pursue a career in the UK. Now doing a part time job will subsidize your living expenses by pocketing good money every week. It will also make a mark in your CV so that your works experiences get counted if you can get into a job that is based on your own field of study. Otherwise, for part time jobs you get the opportunity to interact with people, and that is also of great help for your future endeavors. Here in this article, you will find some really interesting part time jobs that will help you earn money while studying.


Babysitting is a very popular part time job for students studying in the UK. Working parents entrust you with the responsibility to look after their toddlers while they are off to work. You have to put the baby to the crèche and bring him back and look after him till his parents are backing home. You get to spend a quality time with kids.


People there in the UK are great pet lovers, but due to the scarcity of time they cannot be with their pets all the time. So they need someone to look after their pets when they are out of home or busy doing other chores at their home itself. You need to take good care of their pets. There are many organizations that are into this business of recruiting pet sitters for their clients. Enlisting in such organizations will earn you a regular amount of money for every sitting.

Sales Consultants

If you enjoy interacting with people and are confident and dynamic in your moves, then this is the place to be. You need to motivate people and influence their buying behaviors. This will help you in your course of study besides giving you the opportunity to earn while studying.

Event organizers

When there is a big event going to be held, you can take part in the management of the event with other members. You need to be prompt in your actions as organizing an event needs great caliber, and if you can show this talent, then you will come to the forefront very easily.

Catalogue Distributor

This needs you to collect brochures and distribute it to the customers in a specific area. It is also a good way of earning while studying.

Retail store

This is a good option for working along with your studies. There are many retail stores in the UK that provide this job opportunity to the students.


The hospitality industry has seen a huge growth in the last few years and the students studying in the UK can work as a part-time worker in this sector.


If you want to do a job that will help you in your studies, then you should try for the internship programs. You will get paid for these programs whereas earning also.

National Minimum wage (NMW) – what is that?

According to National Minimum wage system in the UK, all the part-time student workers in the UK get all the facilities like that of the full-time employees. If you are in the age group of 18-20, then the minimum wages will be £5.03 per hour. If you are over 21, then the minimum wage will be £6.31 per hour.

So, these jobs help you in financing your living expenses and also give you an opportunity to exposure to the financial world along with getting all the facilities enjoyed by the full-time workers.