Part Time Work/Job Options in Canada during Your Study Period

Education in Canada is of the utmost quality though it can be acquired only at high expense. Also, the living cost in Canada is high. So, sometimes it becomes problematic for the students to afford the cost of education and living. For this reason, the Canada Universities allow the students to go for part-time jobs.

A part-time job will help you to maintain the expenditure during the study period in Canada. You can have a suitable part time job by maintaining your study time. Boost up your confident level by doing a part time job in Canada during the study. It will also make you more experienced with good work ethics which will help you for the future.

You don’t need a Work Permit

For doing part-time jobs along with the studies, the international students don’t need a work permit.

Job types

There are two types of job available besides studies. They are on-campus and off-campus.

Sales Representative’s Jobs

ASales representative is generally sales a particular product to the different markets or individuals. You can get highly paid for this job. Later you can be a sales executive by getting a promotion. This is one of the best part-time jobs for the students.

Store Cashier

After completing your study, go for the jobs in the multi-stores, shops or shopping malls. A store cashier always gets a good payment for the job. You can do it in night shift or in day shift as per your study periods.

Restaurant boy

You can work as a restaurant boy as a part-time worker and earn several bucks that will help you to maintain a good lifestyle.

Data Entry Operator

Data entry operator needs not a huge time to do the work. So, you can choose it as your part-time job option. A data entry operator generally fills up forms and the other details in a particular company’s data records. It is very easy to do part time job during the study periods in Canada.


If you love to be glamorous always then take modeling as your part time job. A freelance model gets huge payments which are enough for the expenditures in Canada. Whenever you get free times from your study, you can easily get modeling contracts as per your choice.

Organizing Job

Event organizing is unique yet highly paying part time job. You can arrange a marriage ceremony, formal or informal parties, birthday parties and other occasions as an event organizer. After finishing the study, you can easily go for the event organizing job as an event organizer.

Pizza Delivery Boy

It is absolutely perfect for the boys only who wants to earn money during study periods in Canada. A pizza delivery boy gets a moderate amount of money which is enough for a student. The job is easy to do and needs no fixed time.

Website Designing

Many companies in Canada are looking for website designers who can design a god website for them. If you are knowledgeable enough about website designing, then go for this decent part time job which is ahigh payment option.

Flower shop

You can work as a florist in a flower shop if you love flowers and good at decorating places with flowers.


If you love books, then working in a library as a part-time worker is also a very good option for you.

Swimming instructor

If you know swimming, then you can work as a swimming instructor along with your studies.

Camp counselor

Camp counselor is a very good choice for the students who want to spend some worthy time with people and earn some money.


If you know the diverse language, then you can work in several stores or companies as a part time worker where you need to translate different language into English for those people who are not comfortable with speaking in English.

So, here are the different job opportunities that you can get while you go for studies in Canada. So, study and work, and live a good lifestyle.