Polytechnics in New Zealand- What and Where to Study?

Polytechnics in New Zealand- What and Where to Study?- There is a broad range of education providers in New Zealand where almost all have gained a good reputation for offering high-quality and internationally recognized education. Education institutes in this place are broken down into Universities, Institutes of Technology and Private Training Establishments.

Universities in New Zealand – Offering Wide Range of Courses

Each of them is known to offer a wide range of courses at various study levels. There are almost eight universities in New Zealand offering best Polytechnics courses. They comprise of campuses that are spread across the North as well as South Islands. Each University offers a comprehensive range of courses along with a wide number of options available at all levels of study.

There are more than 16 institutes offering course related to technology and polytechnics located in New Zealand. Institutes of Technology generally focus on providing hands-on, practical education along with offering vocational certificates and diplomas in both general and specialized areas of study.

Polytechnics in New Zealand – Offering Undergraduate Degrees

In New Zealand, institutes of technology, as well as training colleges, are often referred to as polytechnics. Most of the polytechnics in New Zealand are also known to offer undergraduate degrees in various fields which include business, IT, computer science and science. Some offer elective postgraduate programs often through a partnership with the local university.

If you are determined to study in an institute of technology in New Zealand, then it is requested to visit the website of each and every university to get a rough idea regarding campus locations and available courses. You may go for an inquiry session in order to clarify your doubts if any.

ITPs – Offering Courses Equivalent in Merit

The ITPs have been known to offer courses that are equivalent in merit to university courses that range from certificate level courses to full degree and postgraduate level studies. In general, universities focus mainly on academic studies while polytechnics focus mainly on vocational training.

In recent years, both types of institutions have expanded their programs hence creating an overlap. Institutes offering polytechnic courses complete the same in two semesters. The first semester is conducted from February to June and the second semester is conducted within July to November including holidays similar to secondary schools. There are some half-yearly courses that start in July.

Studying in New Zealand is a great way to catch the glimpse of the country while gaining knowledge and skills. Students get exposed to a totally different outlook on education as the ways of teaching vary from one place to another.