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The only test which lets you get admissions in colleges of your choice and calibre, SAT, is reported to be redesigned by the College Board. The changes will take effect from the spring of 2016. It has been reported that the authority says that SAT will be made more relevant in the changing times. We have compiled the basic Changes in New SAT 2016 Exam Pattern in this article.

SAT 2016 Exam Pattern

SAT 2016 Exam Pattern- Changes in Exam Schedule:-

According to the SAT Latest Exam Pattern, the following changes have been made:

Hackable Tricks:-

As compared to SAT Exam Pattern 2015, SAT 2016 New Exam Pattern will have fewer, more easily hackable tricks so that students that aren’t accustomed to these kinds of questions can solve them easily. The questions would be difficult but easy to comprehend.

Easy To Predict Test Content:-

SAT 2016 Exam Pattern will have the complete structure to describe the percentages of questions from various subjects. It also tells you about the kinds of passages that would be given. This is going to reduce test anxiety in students.

SAT 2016 New Exam Pattern:-

Further, there are the following changes in SAT 2016 exam pattern, in different sections.

Changes in Format according to SAT Exam Schedule

  • The total score of SAT will now be 1600.
  • The Writing section will now be called “Writing and Language” section and will have 800 maximum marks. This section also includes the reading part.
  • There are no changes in the score of Math section. It will be of 800 marks.
  • Unlike earlier, the Essay will be optional.
  • Earlier there used to be five choices. Now there will only be four choices.

Reading section according to SAT Latest Exam Pattern

  • All questions asked will be in the form of passages.
  • The kind of passages that will be given has been defined, i.e., one passage would contain US and World Literature, two will be on History/Social Studies, and two will be for Science.
  • Interpretation of data will be required to solve data passages.
  • Tougher vocabulary and isolated vocabulary have been removed according to SAT 2016 New Exam Pattern. Only vocabulary in context, logical arguments, and scientific reasoning will be focused.

Changes in New SAT 2016 in Writing and Language Section

  • It has been combined with the reading section.
  • It will test grammatical and writing skills.
  • Emphasis will be put on high level writing skills expression of ideas, and punctuation rules.

Changes in the Essay Section

  • Instead of 25 minutes long, the essay would be 50 minutes long.
  • The score of the essay will not be combined with the Reading and Writing section score of 800.

Changes in the Math Section

  • Math hasn’t changed much. Skills tested have changed a bit, but the format is the same.
  • Calculator isn’t allowed in one particular section.
  • Basic Trigonometry questions would be asked.
  • Graphs, data interpretation, algebra, etc. would be emphasized.
  • Geometry and shapes would not be emphasized much.
Summed up changes in SAT 2016 New Exam Pattern

Duration of exam: 3 hours

Extra time for essay section: 50 minutes

SAT score: 400-1600 point scale

Mode of exam: Pen and paper as well as computer based

New SAT Sections and Scores

Evidence based Reading and Writing: 200-800 point scale

Math: 200-800 point scale

Essay: Optional- Scores will be recorded separately

Negative marking: None

After going through the changes in SAT 2016 New Exam Pattern, one can conclude that students will definitely benefit from the test. So, buckle up and start preparing already! Because this time, bookish stuff won’t help! You have to be more logical!

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