Scholarship Programs in Australia

Scholarship Programs In AustraliaThere are plenty of scholarships programs in Australia specific to courses at different levels of study that helpfully assist students, financially. The scholarships are offered by the Australian Government, Universities, and a number of other public and private organizations. Aspiring applicants should send their inquiries and applications for scholarships directly to the scholarship providers.

Here is a quick reference to those who want to pursue their studies in Australia. In order to be able to, you will have to apply for admission to an institution in Australia while simultaneously for a student visa from the Australian Government as well.

How to Apply For Scholarships in Australia

There are a number of steps you must go through while applying for scholarships in Australia. For e.g. deciding on the course and institution that you prefer or the process of submitting your application. The received applications and any query about scholarships are made through the scholarship provider. There are many scholarships and grants available that provide financial support with the studies in Australia. The scholarships are offered by the Australian Government, education institutions and also other public and private organizations.

Australian Scholarships for International Students 2018

Provided below is reference material about some of the major scholarships programs available for international students:

  1. Australia Awards – These awards present all the scholarships that are offered together by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT), the Department of Education and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).
  2. Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) – This is one single pool of funding. This is to support both domestic and overseas students of Research Doctorate and Research Masters degrees.
  3. Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship – These are intended for the high-achieving female researchers from APEC economies. It is for research opportunities and options in partnership with Australian education and research institutions.

Some more information about scholarships in Australia can be found from the link below:

Australian Award Scholarship Application Form

These Awards are administered by the Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade and are considered as long term development awards. And they aim to contribute to the development needs of Australia’s partner countries that are in accordance with bilateral as well as regional agreements. They provide opportunities for people from developing countries.

Please refer to the below steps before you apply for the Australian Award scholarship program.

  1. Check firstly the open date and the close dates for your country. Then select your country of citizenship or residency from the entire list of participating countries for precise information on eligibility and also the detailed process of how to apply. Check also for areas of priority.
  2. Read the Scholarships Policy Handbook in the link below:

The link includes eligibility requirements, selection process and awardee responsibilities.

  1. Once you have confirmed the opening and the closing dates for your country, you are required to refer to the Participating Country Profile in order to see which method of application they will prefer and accept.


There are two ways for applying: One is through online. For that you will need to go to the Online Australia Scholarships Information System (OASIS). When you register online, you will be required to answer some questions to establish your eligibility and identity. You will be then given a unique registration number, username and password.

Once submitted, your application cannot be changed. Usually the usage of OASIS shoot up around the days that are close to the last dates of applications and hence that result in delays in the system.

The other method is by applying through mail. You must check with your participating country profile and find out the contact details to obtain a printed copy of the application form and any other appropriate templates such as referee reports etc.

This completed hard copy of the application forms along with the supporting documentation must be submitted latest by the deadline specified by your country.

Scholarships in Australia for African Students

There are specific African scholarships available. These can be utilized depending on the country like Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda etc.

For more information, please refer to the links below:

Study In Australia For Free

There are a lot of Universities in Australia that entice international students to go in for courses in Australia and are very generous when recruiting them. For e.g. in the richer states of Western Australia and Queensland, the Universities propose diverse kinds of scholarships to the students besides providing free tuitions. Many international students benefit out of these special offers to study engineering such as Biological, Civil or Environmental Engineering. ‘The University of Western Australia’ has offered a new program that waives fee. This has been provided for around 90 scholarships for PhD students.

Other regions in Australia also offer outstanding foreign students enticing opportunities. Likewise ‘The University of Sydney’ offers around 30 research scholarships annually and every year ‘The University of Melbourne’ gives around 150 fee remission scholarships out to international students.

They usually give these offers to top bright students from around the world. Since Australian government is interested in having such students, most of the scholarships are solely funded by them. In addition to this, those who are granted a scholarship are also allowed a living allowance and other living benefits.

List of Australian University with Free Application for Admission for International Students

There are a few universities in Australia which offer no fees at all for applications, usually, if you apply online. For example, if you apply to ‘Charles Darwin University’ online, there will be no fees. The application process is relatively simple and can be done easily online for courses in many subjects.

Another example is ‘The University of South Australia’ that make the application fees zero and also provides a wide range of subjects if you are able to apply online through the international student portal. Another option for free applications in Australia is ‘Bond University’, again offering no application fee online.

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