Social Sciences World Universities Rankings 2015-2016

Social Sciences World Universities Rankings 2015-2016- Wish to lead the world? Or mould the established norms and create a better tomorrow? Do you have the passion and nerve to challenge the world and question the status-quo? If your answer for all these questions is a yes, then social science is the field for you!

Social Sciences World Universities Rankings

While the science stream is for those who love to discover and arts is for those who have the passion to create, the social science stream is for those who have the courage to challenge, change and lead. Various subjects that come under this stream are political science, education, economics, psychology and social work along with many others.

Of the many universities across the globe that offer bachelor and master degrees in the field of social sciences, UK and USA are on the top. Thus it is no surprise that the greatest policy makers, thinkers and leaders of our times are seen in these countries.

Social Sciences World Universities Rankings
Social Sciences World Universities Rankings

Social Sciences World Universities Rankings 2015-2016:

In this article we bring to you the top universities that have global rankings for the year 2015-16. This list has been borrowed from QS World Rankings and Times Higher Education. The list that follows is of QS.

  1. Harvard University, USA – Established in 1636, with remarkable red bricks and wide courtyards, Harvard is the oldest institution for higher education in USA. It is one of the most prestigious universities across the globe owing to its history, influence and scholarly wealth. Its world class education guarantees a unique student experience.
  2. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK – One of the most pioneering social sciences universities in the world, LSE is a specialist university that encompasses a wide variety of the social sciences filed. The wide range subjects that are taken up in LSE include sociology, anthropology, law, economics and politics.
  3. University of Oxford, UK – This University ranks among the top 10 in nearly all the surveys for best education. A kingdom of knowledge, Oxford is credited with the development of the intellectual life and thought in the English country.
  4. University of Cambridge, UK – Cambridge is truly for those who have the impulse to do something different! It is a place wherein scholarship is preached and propagated. With its rich history of original research and world class education, Cambridge has been a preserver for unparallel intellectual achievement.
  5. Stanford University, USA – Here is another university that constantly finds a seat reserved for itself among the top 10 best universities of any global academic survey. The University is very selective about the students it takes and over the years has attained a quite renowned reputation worldwide.
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA – Although MIT is known for its science and technology, its social science is no less. MIT trains arms its students with edge cutting knowledge and trains them to tackle the most complex challenges of the century.
  7. National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore – One of the finest universities in the world, NSU follows a comprehensive pattern for its education system. One gets to experience the multi disciplinary pattern and cross faculty enrichment in the courses that are offered at NSU.
  8. University of Chicago, USA – An intellectual destination that attracts inspired thinkers and leaders from across the globe. The education system at University of Chicago is such that in encourages its student body to look beyond conventional notions and bring something new to the table.
  9. University of California, Berkeley (UCB), USA – UCB is a leading university in its academics and various disciplines. The university is decorated with various Nobel Laureates and National Academy winners, among others.
  10. Yale University, USA – Yale University has an absolute international outlook. It appeals to students coming from near and far. It promotes a culture of global learning and socializing.

Social Sciences World Universities Rankings

With a difference of the rank, Times Higher Education (THE) includes almost all the universities mentioned above, with the exception of a few. In place of LSE, NSU, Cambridge, THE includes Princeton, University of Pennsylvania and University of Michigan.


  1. Princeton University, USA – Princeton is a revolutionary university that does not play by the rules. The students of Princeton are encouraged to think beyond the given limitations and bring forth novel ideas.
  2. University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), USA – Penn fosters a diverse community of students and faculty, which helps inculcate a global perspective in the education system. The University takes pride in its intellectual rigour.
  3. University of Michigan – Michigan is one of the most distinguished universities on the global platform of academics. The university attracts students from all over the world and it is a great platform for attaining global exposure.

These universities are among the best in the world. We hope we will find some of you in these universities very soon!