Spring 2018 Deadlines for MS in US and Average GRE Score Required

Spring 2018 Application Deadlines for MS in US- The top universities of the United States (US) welcome applicants from around the globe for the spring intake in 2018 for MS courses. So, why settle for less? You have a golden opportunity to apply for your dream university.  So grab it with our assistance!Here is all that you will need to know about the Spring 2018 Application Deadlines for MS in US.

Learn about Spring 2018 Application Deadlines for MS in US:

You should apply for your aspired university as soon as possible. There is no time limit as to when you should start applying. So, give your GRE exams as soon as possible (by the end of July). This will give you much time for the later processes such as applying for Visa, scholarship, and requesting for reference letters etc. Not only this, if you feel unsatisfied with your result you can retake it in the month of September.

Registration for the spring intake 2018 starts right from June with dates varying from university to university.Universities majorly have deadlines in September or October. But, if you want to get a head start for admission and scholarship consideration, you should send your application packet by the end of August. So scroll below and know about the Spring 2018 Application Deadlines for MS in US of your favorite universities:

Brown University No info disclosed. Early deadline May 30, 2017
Cornell University Accepting applications September 29, 2017
Purdue University Accepting applications. August31, 2017
University of Southern California Accepting applications. August 31, 2017 final deadline for scholarship consideration

September 15, 2017 final deadline

University of Maryland College Park Accepting application. Notification date: October 11, 2017 October 20, 2017
Carnegie Mellon University December 15, 2017
San Jose State University Will be accepting applications from August 1, 2017. October 1, 2017- application deadline.

October 20, 2017- document deadline (final).

Texas Tech University Accepting applications October 1, 2017
University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) Accepting application Priority application deadline: May 15, 2017

Regular application deadline: October 1, 2017

Florida State University Accepting application November 1, 2017
Kent State University Accepting applications from December 1, 2016 September 15, 2017


Required GRE Score for MS in US

Although the required GRE score for each course and college is different, it is advisable to aim for a score of 300+ for getting admission into a reputed college or university. If you wish to apply for the top universities then the score should be between 310 and 325. The score list for the top universities are:

Brown University 325 (GRE not required, but recommended. Work Experience is also recommended)
Cornell University 320 (GRE is mandatory. Work Experience is desirable.)
Purdue University 317 (GRE is not mandatory.)
University of Southern California 314 (Aug 31 is the deadline for scholarship consideration.)
University of Maryland College Park 321 (Open to University of Maryland students only.)
Carnegie Mellon University 319 (Ideally, you need 164+ in Quants and 152+ in Verbal.)
San Jose State University 310, (Average GRE score in last 2 years has been very competitive as per the school.)
Texas Tech University 305 (Priority deadline June 15, 2017.)
University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) 310 (Priority deadline is May 15. GPA 3.6 and Bachelor Degree from AACSB Business School might get GRE waiver.)
Florida State University 299 (Few programs require higher GRE scores.)
Kent State University  295 (This is one of the most popular schools among Indian students.)
Virginia Tech 316


Best Universities for your aspired course

The ‘top university’depends upon the course that one is interested in undertaking. Here is the list of universities with associated popular courses:

Computer Science

  • Purdue University
  • University Of Southern California
  • Cornell University
  • University Of Maryland-College Park

Electrical Engineering

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Purdue University
  • University Of Southern California
  • Columbia University
  • North Carolina State University

Mechanical Engineering

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Georgia Institute Of Technology
  • University Of Illinois— Urbana- Champaign
  • Cornell University

Civil Engineering

  • University Of Illinois— Urbana- Champaign
  • Purdue University
  • Virginia Tech
  • Cornell University
  • Carnegie Mellon University

Management Information Systems

  • Purdue University
  • University Of Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Drexel University
  • New York University

Now that you have got an idea about how to shortlist universities based on the information given here, you can deem yourself ready for the admission season. Always remember to conduct a detailed background check on universities offering the course of your choice.

The real admission processes start as soon as your application gets approved. The orientation programs starts in January with the commencement of the semester from Jan- May.

Stay tuned with us to get more updates on Spring 2018 Application Deadlines for MS in US.

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