Study Abroad Countries that you’ve Never Thought of!

How many times have you heard that the UK or the USA are the best countries for studying abroad? Well, there is no doubt about it being the topmost countries. With international traveling becoming more convenient and various universities are giving lots of exchangeable programs, then why to stop oneself with some of the mundane choices. Believe it or not but it is indeed possible to study abroad with the best education, low tuition fees, and living expenses.

If you are dreaming of overseas study then why not bring some of the best unknown countries to your study abroad list? These countries are vibrant, colorful, affordable, adventurous, and blooming with the high education sector to make your experience count and knowledgeable.

You will be exposed to a new culture, new language, and new experiences which will make you independent and self-sufficient. These qualities attract many organizations that lead to a successful career. Here are seven study abroad destinations that you have never thought of –

1. India

India is a diverse country with multi-culture, multi-language, dynamic, and rich in its history and food. It surely has one of the strongest economies in the world and the education sector is one the biggest reason for it. The total number of foreign students enrolled for Indian universities were 47,427, according to All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE). According to recent studies, approximately 200,000 international students will come for various educational programs in 2023 in India.

The Indian education sector is considered one of the biggest education with a variety of courses, analytical thinking, and practical knowledge with the best teaching facility. While Hindi is the most prominent spoken among 100+ languages, English is used in all institutions for teaching purposes, especially at the post-graduate level.

International students can apply from Engineering and Medical courses to arts and humanities at IITs and St. Stephen College in Delhi. And there will never be a shortage of places to explore in India, as it is surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage sites.

2. Norway

Europe is considered one of the best places for tourists both in wandering and in education. And Norway is seen as the most affordable study destination within and outside the EU (European Union) with such beautiful locations to explore. Attending public universities in this country is tuition-free, especially in bachelors, even for international students.

This is because they believe that all the people are subjected to education irrespective of socio-economic background. Norway’s institutions total consist of 8,644 international students. These institutions teach in English at all study levels, plus a high number of local proficiency in English. Norway is considered one of the highest living societies in the world, which also means it is one of the expensive countries.

3. Taiwan

Heading back to Asia, Taiwan is known as “Asian Tiger” is counted among the cheapest countries in the world. National Taiwan University is listed in QS World Top 100 University Rankings 2019 for the Liberal Arts program, makes Taiwan a good choice for the education center. Not only this, Taiwan institutes offer more than 120 courses in English at over 40 universities, and also a popular destination to learn Mandarin.

They have set the target of welcoming more than 150,000 international students in the year 2020 by introducing more English programs and scholarships to their students. Also, tuition fees are affordable and vary from courses to courses. The majority of universities are located in the capital of Taipei, where tech companies sit next to temples and skyscrapers coexist with thriving markets.

4. Malaysia

While Malaysia never considered an education destination for international students, but actually it gives the cheapest education with minimal tuition fees and cost of living to our international students. The University of Malaya is listed in QS World Top 100 University Rankings 2019, making the destination as the best education sector in the continent.

Malaysia has seen the benefit of welcoming international students, especially from India, through the channel of branch campuses or student exchange programs with a number of scholarships given to them with affordable food expenses, living costs, and daily expenses. The country is vibrant, full of lights and colors at night, diversity in food, culture, and weather, soaring skyscrapers and beautiful rainforests and beaches on the outskirts.

5. Ireland

Ireland is considered as a famous international hub for students and offers a high level of educational program that is recognized throughout the world. Ireland universities are famous for their high-quality scientific research and home to various global MNC’s. Something that you might not have known is that it has a small but perfectly formed selection of universities.

From the Hogwarts-Esque Trinity College Dublin to the modern Royal College of Surgeons, makes this country leading in the education field. Ireland is surely one of the most attractive countries known for its Irish culture with historical cities, beautiful scenery, unique heritages, you can even spend your time hiking around the Emerald Isle, or strolling around the many museums and art galleries.

6. Nigeria

Studying abroad helps you to learn new languages, other cultures and overcome challenges of living in another country and gain a greater understanding of the world- you can experience this all by studying in Nigeria. It has only three universities listed in QS World Top 100 University 2019 but also has a total of 130 institutions, popularly known for its health and medicine sector. All the Universities teach their courses in the English language, despite more than 500 languages are spoken in this country. It is a diverse country and a great hub for further travel around Africa.

7. Mexico

Mexico is one of Latin America’s most visited nation with full of interesting and unique culture and also has to do much with offerings to its International students. Living expenses are also reasonably low in Mexico, with all living costs on a standard budget.

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is ranked in QS World Top 100 University 2019, making the city attracted to the foreign students. Although the main language of instruction is Spanish, Mexican universities are offering more English-taught courses to attract international students.