Where can you study abroad for free?

By Meet University

Want to know where can you study abroad for free? For students who are seeking affordable and quality higher education abroad, the following is a list of countries that offer Study Abroad for Free or economical higher education.

Germany tops the list

Where Can You Study Abroad for Free? The ideal destination would be Germany. Public Universities in Germany do not charge any undergraduate tuition fees from both German and International. The students just have to pay a nominal university administration charge of about €150-250 (~US$160-265). Munich and Berlin are the top 2 favorable destinations for studying in Germany and the most affordable ones too.

France is next

Although France is not as affordable for higher studies as Germany, but international students will be pleasantly surprised to know that they can pursue higher education in the country for free or at very low cost, irrespective of their nationality. However, some public universities charge a small annual amount of approximately €184 (~US$195) at the undergraduate level as course administration cost.

Where Can You Study Abroad for Free?  Count in the Nordic countries.

University education is provided Study Abroad for Free of charge to all students in Norway, regardless of their nationality or study level.

Free education in Denmark and Sweden is only extended to students from within EU/EEA and Switzerland. International students belonging to countries other than these would need to pay tuition fees for bachelor’s and master’s programs. PhD programs in both these nations are fully funded.

Iceland’s four public universities do not charge any tuition fees from the students. However, students have to pay a minimal registration fee of about €400 a year (~US$425).

Finland is the cheapest among the Nordic countries for pursuing higher education as Finnish universities do not charge any tuition fees for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees, from the students regardless of their nationality. However, Finland is soon expected to charge a small tuition fees from non-EU students starting from autumn 2017.

Other European Countries also offer free or low budget higher education.

Since their tuition fees are paid by the Student Awards Agency of Scotland, Scottish and other EU students can study Study Abroad for Free of cost in Scotland. However, students from outside the EU will have to pay an affordable tuition fee for pursuing higher education in this country.

Excepting for certain master’s programs, higher education in Greece is free for EU/EEU students. Non-EU/EEA students need to pay annual tuition fees of around €1,500 (£1,114) depending on their college/university.

Austrian and EU/EEA students pursuing higher education in Austria can Study Abroad for Free for up to two semesters at any degree level and then pay a fee of just about €363 (~US$385) per semester. International students from other countries need to pay a slightly higher fee of about €726 (~US$770) per semester.

Students fluent in Czech can Study Abroad for Free in any public university of the Czech Republic. Students who wish to pursue their course in English need to pay a small annual study cost of around CZK 108,334 (~US$4,260).

Free or affordable education is provided in South American countries as well

International students do not need to pay any tuition fee while studying in public universities in Brazil. However, a small registration fee needs to be paid by these students at the commencement of the course.

Free university access is enjoyed by Argentinean students in public universities of Argentina while international students need to pay a small enrolment fee.