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Series Part-1

Study Abroad Made Easy
Study Abroad Made Easy

Study Abroad Made Easy:

Several blogs could be found about study abroad or overseas education. We have also covered Why Study Abroad and Most Popular Study Abroad Destinations in our earlier blogs. Here we are covering the key points in details. The first part of the overseas education Made Easy series will revisit the key advantages of abroad education.

More Practical Oriented Study: Be it practical sessions, thought-provoking coursework or internships – they always teach you much more than the text books and lectures. In popular study abroad destinations like UK, US, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Australia – students spend up to 25% of their time as interns to get hands-on experience of the professional world.

Better Return On Investment: Due to the study curriculum, social perspectives and other factors, it is not always possible to earn during studies. Study abroad provides the option through part-time work (student jobs on or off campus), internships. It is even possible to recover more than half of your investments (tuition fees and living expenses). So, it is a much better return on investment (ROI). More importantly, if chosen wisely, a degree from abroad will cost much less than in India. There are lot of scholarship schemes that are offered for international students by the universities, governments and charitable organizations. In Europe, the tuition fee for international students is comparatively very cheap, and few countries (Germany, Finland, Norway etc.) do not even charge any tuition fees. The topic of Free Education will be covered in blog and webinar shortly.

Plethora of Career Opportunities: Countries like Australia, Germany, Canada have been going through a tremendous shortage of skilled professionals, mostly due to a large percentage of aged population. Countries like US, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Korea, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Switzerland are always looking for international students to meet the market requirements. This is why the above countries offer post-study work schemes that allow international students to stay and work in the respective country after completion of studies. Students can also opt for permanent residency after working for 2 – 4 years. On returning to home country, a foreign exposure is always advantageous in today’s age of ever increasing job competition.

Personality Development: While being away from home, family and friends could be emotionally challenging, but it gives your personality a 360 degree makeover. Study abroad instils more confidence, more responsibility, broader outlook, enhanced intellectual capability, sharper creativity, and improved interpersonal and people skills (including language skills).

Unique Experience: Studying abroad is an once in a lifetime opportunity. You get freedom and learn being self-dependent. You experience a new culture, meet new people, see new places – all these will always be your sweet memories forever.

Deciding a study abroad destination could be a demanding task for students and parents. The second part of the series will cover the decision-making aspects.

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