Study Abroad Scholarships Websites Names List

You want to study abroad but the costs involve leaves you perplexed and you can’t figure out the way out, then you have come to the right place. These days there is a large number of study abroad scholarships available to help the students to realize their dreams and make most out of the course.

These scholarships can be need-based, merit-based or any specific program based but finding these scholarships and applying for them can be a mammoth task.  So, to help you out we are listing here the list of Scholarships websites which have complete information about the number of scholarships and give all details about them. These websites help the students to choose from the thousands of scholarships and grants worth billions of dollars.

These online scholarship search sites give details about the Undergraduate Scholarships, Scholarships for Graduate Students, International Scholarships which can be used by the students who are enrolled in the traditional college programs or by those who are earning online degrees.

Study Abroad Scholarships Online Search Sites

Those who are planning to study abroad and want to know about various Abroad Scholarships options available can visit the sites which look more appropriate to your requirements and get all the details about the scholarships available for your field.

The top 5 sites are:

  • Peterson’s– – Peterson’s is a one-stop scholarship resource with an impressive collection of articles, prep resources etc.
  • Unigo- offers lots of services beyond scholarships like jobs, internships, articles, college profile and rankings etc.
  • Fastweb – – Fastweb is a subsidiary of Monster and hosts around 1.5 million scholarships. It is a very well organized site.
  • CAPPEX – It’s a site with the database worth $11 billion in listed scholarships.
  • Chegg – – Chegg is designed in such a way that students can save all details about the scholarships they have applied for.

Other popular Study Abroad Scholarships sites are:

  • The College Board–
  • Niche–
  • Scholarships.Com –
  • Collegenet.Com-
  • ScholarshipMonkey –
  • ScholarshipOwl–
  • ScholarshipLibrary –
  • Career One Stop –
  • College Resource Network –
  • StudentScholarshipSearch  –
  • Human Rights Campaign Website –
  • CheapScholar –
  • High Five Scholarships –
  • College Prowler  –
  • Discover Nursing Scholarship Search –

The above mentioned Study Abroad Scholarships Websites help the students to find the Undergraduate Scholarships, Scholarships for Graduate Students and other International Scholarships. Some of these require you to submit your details and then these sites will help you to find the suitable scholarships as per your requirement.

These websites are designed in such a way that you can find what you are looking for with the help of filters without much pain. These sites contain data about thousands of scholarships which can help a student to realize his dreams and move up in his/her career ladder.