Study Computing & Information for Indian students in Australia

Computing and IT sector are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. This is the sector whose demand is tremendously growing across the globe. Most of the industries and sectors of the world are going paperless now and shifting their work online. The technological giants of the world are hiring more and more people related to IT and computing.

Studying Information Science in Australia can be one of the best decisions of your life. Study in Australia will open new opportunities for you as this course is very popular amongst the Indian students. The universities in Australia also offer various Scholarships both full time and part-time for the Indian students.

Studying Information Science in Australia will offer you to learn from the best teachers and in the best universities in the world in this field. The scholarships provided will surely help you to fulfill your dream to study in Australia.

About Australia

Australia is a country that is surrounded by oceans from all sides which consists of Islands of Tasmania, the Australian mainland, and other smaller islands. The country is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that has a rich cultural heritage. Canberra is the capital of Australia and it is the sixth-largest country in the world in terms of Area. The country is famous for Kangaroos and it is one of the most popular study destinations for international students.

Especially from India each year a large number of Indian students opt to study in Australia. The country is home to the top universities in the world such as Monash University, the University of Melbourne, and many others. The people here love their culture and are very hospitable to foreign students. One can study Information Science in Australia even absolutely free with the help of scholarships available.

Why Information Science in Australia

Studying Information Science in Australia will offer the student to be a part of the IT’s latest development and help them to solve the problems in the industries by live projects with the best companies in these sectors. The students always have a chance to join both the hardware and software related industries of the field of computing and IT. The students can also take up research in the field of computer software, computing designs, computer graphics, and many other related fields.

Studying in Australia will give the students to be a part of the International information science and IT sector and make them aware of the latest development and changes in the industry.

Cost of Studying in Australia 

Studying in Australia isn’t very expensive. The tuition fees for Australia are:-

  • Master’s Degree: – 20,000 AU$ to 37,000AU$
  • Doctoral Degree: – 14,000 AU$ to 37,000 AU$

This fee is an approximation of the standard fee; the original fee may vary with the university because some universities also charge additional expenses.

The hostel fee and living expense for studying in Australia may vary according to the facilities and location you opt for but standard fees for hostel is 300 AU$ per week. However, there are many scholarships available for Indian students by which they can save the tuition fees.

Online Counseling Session and Webinars

Meet University holds various counseling sessions for the students by the top people that are working in the industry. This can be your chance to get in touch with the counselors and get guidance from your carrier.

You can register for group or personal counseling sessions by going to the website of and registering for yourself and our counselor will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Benefits of studying Computing & Information in Australia

  • Australia is one of the largest study destinations for Indian students.
  • The computing & information courses provided here in the universities are by some of the top-ranked universities in the world.
  • Australian Computing Society (ACS) is the accrediting body of the course, which is responsible for updating all the time to time changes in the course. So the students get to learn the newest course curricula.
  • Australian universities have a strong connection for research with the technological giants of the IT sector such as Tesla, IBM, Microsoft that have collaboration with the universities that present endless opportunities to the students.
  • The universities also offer the students to change and mold their courses according to their area of expertise.
  • The student can also join a part-time job while they stay and earn an adequate amount of money for their living.
  • Students are allowed to stay for the duration of completion of their course with which they can earn a nice amount of money by doing a part-time job.
  • The PG course in computing & information offers working on research projects also in this field.
  • If the students get placed in any Australian company they can also get a working visa which will extend their stay in Australia.
  • In Australia, almost every sector is IT-driven due to which there is ever increasing demand for IT and computing professionals. That’s why there are ample placement opportunities for Indian students.
  • The universities there are collaborated with technology leaders such as:-




Information about the course

Study information science in Australia will give you a lot of practical skills along with the advanced theoretical skills. It will help you get a degree from one of the reputed colleges in the world and get enrolled for jobs in the best companies in this sector. Studying in Australia is free in many universities if you cracked their entrance exams. Specialization in computing and information technology is a very popular course in Australia. The students will also get the chance to work with the top recruiters of computing and information science sector.

There are more than 150 universities in which more than 30 are the top universities in the world that offers a study on information science in Australia. The demand for this course will grow leaps and bounds in the upcoming future and you’ll have an opportunity to carve the right path for you after enrolling in this course.

Process to get Admission

The process to get admission in Australian university is full of competition as each year a large number of International students applies for the Australian universities. The seats in these universities are offered based on merit to the international students. All the universities have a specific percentage of seats reserved for International students.

The students need to opt Science in 12th Class along with Computer as a subject, they should have a good score in the IELTS exam or GRE or GMAT if opting for post-graduation, two academic references from the professors and statement of purpose along with the latest resume.

Once you passed the entrance exam process the course timeline will depend on the course in computing and information science you’ll opt for. The duration of the course ranges from 24 months to 48 months.

Eligibility to Apply

The Indian students should have scored at least 60% marks in 12th class along with Computer Science as one of the major subjects. Apart from that a score of IELTS is required to take admission to the Australian universities for the bachelor’s course of studying information science in Australia.

For a master’s degree, a full-time 3-year degree of bachelor’s in the related field is required along with a score of GRE or GMAT.

Students opting to study bachelor’s or masters in Australia should prepare a proper roadmap for their journey.

Visa Application

  • The passport should have a validity of at least 6 months of your stay in Australia during the course.
  • The Visa application should be of a non-immigrant type for students.
  • Application fee payment receipt is required to pay.
  • Confirmation of enrollment form (COE) which is provided by the university once you’re enrolled is also required.
  • Acceptance letters by the host university should be acquired before applying for a visa.
  • Letter from a current institution as your study proof along with all other educational documents.
  • Overseas insurance receipt of health insurance.
  • Other documents required will be provided easily by Meet University.


For Indian students, there are numerous scholarships available in Australian universities. Some of them are: –

  • Melbourne Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • Monash International Merit Scholarship
  • Information Technology International Merit Scholarship
  • Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • International Postgraduate Coursework Full Tuition Fee Scholarship

And many others, apart from these.

Why choose Meet University

  • Get proper guidance to your carrier from the best counselors in the field of admission in foreign universities.
  • The students will also get the guidance to choose the course according to their area of interest.
  • The students will get a chance to choose the best university according to their academic score and E.C.A. activities.
  • Help will be provided in all the visa formalities for the students.
  • The documents required for Visa and admission will be helped to get complete by the student,
  • Help will be provided for the entire hostel and other requirements of the student during their stay.

So what are you waiting for a dream to study in a foreign university we’re here to help you to complete your dream.