Study Dentistry & Dental Studies in Australia

Dentistry is one of the most preferred fields in medical science by the students. Studying Dentistry in Australia can be the ultimate dream for the students of India. With each passing year, the number of students going to Australia from India to study Dentistry keeps on increasing. Australia is becoming one of the top study destinations for studying Dentistry amongst Indian students.  It is also the home to one of the best universities in the world which offers study in the field of Dentistry.

Studying in Australia will give the student the best knowledge in this field along with ample practical learning and medical practice of dentistry. The Australian universities offer bachelor’s and master’s courses in this field and the universities and government also offer many scholarships for the abroad students to study Dentistry.  Indian universities charge a huge amount of fees and scholarship opportunities are also less as compared to Australian universities.

Studying in Australia will also offer the students to be a part of the advanced course curriculum with practice as a Dentist along with the completion of the course. Australia is the best study destination for Indian students who want to study Dentistry abroad. For the meritorious students, it will add a feather to their cap of capabilities.

About Australia

Australia also known as the land of Kangaroos is one of the most beautiful countries in the world which is surrounded by ocean from all sides. The country consists of the mainland along with the Islands of Queensland and other adjoining Islands. Australia is the neighboring country of New Zealand. The main cities of Australia are Canberra which is also its capital, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and many others. Australia is a country that has a rich culture that has ancient roots.

It is also one of the most developed countries in the world which makes it a better place to live. The people of the country are proud of their culture and live life to the fullest. The food of Australia along with the nightlife in the cities and festive environment makes it more favorable to be chosen as a study destination. The country also has many places of tourist attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, and many other places. The country is a classical example of ethical values with the advancement of the modern world.

Why Dentistry & Dental Studies in Australia

Studying Dentistry & Dental studies in Australia will help the student in overall holistic development. Australian institutes offer the best education in the field of Dentistry that’s why it should be used as the study abroad destination. The level of education in Australian institutes is very high that matches the international level. The staff that is related to the field of education is experienced and imparts much knowledge to the students.

Apart from theoretical knowledge the universities also offer the students adequate clinical practice that will help them to polish their skills as a dentist. The universities also offer full time and part-time scholarships to the students according to their eligibility criteria and the student can also get a post-study working Visa to practice Dentistry in Australia. That’s why it is one of the most preferred study destinations for Indian students.

Cost of studying Dentistry & Dental Studies in Australia

Studying Dentistry in Australia will cost around:-

Bachelor’s Degree = 14,000 AU$ to 37,000 AU$ (approx)

Master’s Degree = 24,000 AU$ to 49,000AU$ (approx)

The amount given above will roughly cover the tuition fees for the college or university. Apart from these, there will be many other expenses also such as hostel, rental, groceries, gas, electricity, transportation, internet, and many other expenses which will cost around 400-700 AU$ per week. The meritorious student can although save a large sum of money from the tuition fees by scoring a scholarship provided by the college or Australian government. The fees given above are generally without scholarship although it varies from college to college. Australian cities rather have a high cost of living so you should choose the university and city according to your best interest.

Online Counseling Session and Webinars

Meet university helps the students by providing them counseling from the best experts who are working in the field of education from a significant time. Webinars are also conducted for the students from time to time to provide them with the latest information regarding admissions and examinations for the universities.

The website of the company also keeps on providing the students with the latest news. Apart from those individual counseling sessions is also provided to the students according to their requirement.

Benefits of studying Dentistry & Dental Studies in Australia

  • Dentistry is one of the major chosen courses in Australia by the International students.
  • Australian dentists have global recognition.
  • It is one of the highest-paid jobs in Australia.
  • Australian medical colleges and universities are one of the best-ranked universities in the world.
  • The exposure given to the students helps them to learn about the working environment and the latest trends in the related field.
  • The students are provided with an innovative approach to practical learning and research along with the course.
  • The colleges are offering clinical learning of around 3 years after completion of the course.
  • Visa process is easy for Indian students compared to other countries.
  • The students can also do a part-time job along with the course by which they can pay their fees and even earn a handsome amount of money.
  • Post-study working Visa as a Dentist is also provided to the students as this profession has a high demand there.

Information about the course

Getting admission to Australia for studying Dentistry is a really difficult task because every year a large number of students apply for studying in Australia. The Australian institutes require a different set of scores and qualifications for admission in Dentistry. As it is one of the highest-paid professions in Australia, the entrance exam for it also relatively tough.

The students have to appear for the UCAT exam and achieve a high score in it or your High School Ranking (HSR) at the completion of 12th grade needs to be ATR of 99 or above. This you can check on the college website the ATR of each college which they need for admission in Dentistry.

All the universities have a nearly high rate of acceptance rate for the International students although if you didn’t fit in the required criteria you can undertake a preparatory course before meeting the requirements. The course duration would be 5 to 7 years of full-time study that will include the clinical practice also. The postgraduate course duration would be of 4-5 years for becoming a Dentist in Australia.

Process to get Admission

The Indian students who have opted for PCB in the 12th standard can apply for the bachelor’s in Dentistry in Australia. The students have to appear for the UCAT Exam and score really good marks in it. After that, they’ve to see how much their ATR is and find the college that fits their ATR. Then after finding the relevant college the student has to apply for it. Here at Meet University, we’ll provide you with admission related help at almost every step of the process.

Eligibility to Apply for the Course

The student should have scored a minimum of 60% marks in 12th standard with Biology as one of the main subjects. The acceptance rate of Australian colleges for International students who have scored 99% as ATR is very high but it also varies from college to college. The score of a minimum of 85% in UCAT is also considered a good score for admission in a bachelor’s degree.

For a master’s degree, the student is required to score at least 60% marks in full-time bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute and has practiced BDS in India for almost 1-2 years as a clinical practice can apply for Master’s Degree.

The following documents will be required for admission:-

  • 10th and 12th Mark sheet for graduation and Graduation Mark Sheet and Degree for Post Graduation.
  • The grading certificates and extracurricular achievement certificates.
  • ATAR Score.
  • English proficiency scorecard.
  • Letter of motivation or reference from the institute.

Visa Application

  • The candidate should hold a valid Indian Passport which should have a validity of at least 6 months after the completion of course.
  • All the academic documents and work experience documents.
  • The confirmation letter of enrollment from the institute.
  • All the scorecards of the entrance exams in which the candidate has appeared.
  • Overseas Health Insurance Policy details with medical checkup records.
  • Passport size photographs.
  • Proof of funds in the account ( For tuition fees, accommodation charges, living expenses and other expenses)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Certified criminal record by Indian judiciary.


Scholarships offer the meritorious students to save a huge amount of money as secure admission in one of the best Australian universities. The universities and government offers many scholarships for Indian students such as:-

  • Heart Foundation Post Doc Fellowships in Australia, 2020.
  • Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship
  • The Padma and Hari Harilela Scholarship
  • HKADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarship

The scholarships are provided to the International students based on merit apart from all the above there are also many other scholarships available for Indian students. The student can also get a scholarship based on extracurricular activities and other major achievements. You just need to send your documents on time for the right scholarship for you. We at meet university will help you to find the best scholarship for you.

Why choose Meet University

  • We’ll provide you the best advice from the experts in the field of foreign studies.
  • The student will also get to explore the best university according to their academic score and area of interest.
  • Proper guidance will be provided to the candidate.
  • All the required formalities will be helped.
  • All the requirements ensuring the smooth stay of the student will be taken care of in the best way possible.

We’re here to hold your hand and make your dream come true and guide you towards the best foreign university for yourself.