Study in France- Higher Education Guide for International Students

Study in France- Opulent culture, research, and study in arts, food and cuisines, charming architecture, and flourishing student life

France, in addition, gives you certain notable experiences with varieties of cheese, world famous wines, olives and whiff of perfume. Almost 200 million people speak French in the world. French is spoken in around 5 continents and in 47 countries. After English and Spanish French is third most spoken language worldwide.

Study in France
Study in France

France is the supremely prevalent non-English speaking destination for worldwide/international students. The country is only behind to USA, UK, and Australia. Now, there are good numbers of courses offered in English. Even many Grand Ecoles and government colleges have reformed their guidelines and are now greeting international students with open arms. French Government has eased the visa rules and policies with multiple years of stay back options. Internationalization is now the central policy of French colleges and government.

Study in English in France– French Government has eased the visa rules and policies with multiple years of stay back options.

France as a destination- Tourism, Places, Attractions and Information

France receives the most number of tourists in the world. Approximately there were 83 million tourists in 2012.

France has 37 sites inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The Louvre with Monalisa is one of the world largest and most renowned museum in the capital city of Paris. The Louvre is a most visited museum in the world. However, there are various other museums which are equally significant and renowned like Musee d’Orsay, Musee Rodin.

Château or Palace of Versailles is most well-known for its Hall of Mirrors, Museum of the History of France the gardens, Marie-Antoinette’s estate, and The Grand Trianon King’s Grand Apartments. Versailles signifies one of the best extant examples of Garden à la française in French garden design. It is one of best view one get from the naked eye. Every year million people visit the palace and garden.

The famous Cote d’Azur or known as “French Riviera” located in the south of France is similarly prominent as Paris. This region is popular for its golf courses beaches and restaurants. The region has 300 days of sunlight in a year.

Monaco a tax heaven is known for its posh lifestyle, casinos, superyacht fleet and Formula 1 circuit which bisect the city right in the middle.

Education in France

France follows Bologna process to standardized the education of all level (Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate)

France has 11 Triple accredited Business Schools and is only second to the UK. The United Kingdom has 22 business schools with Triple Crown.  There are 22 business schools in France featured in prestigious Financial Times European Business School ranking. Similarly, 21 and 6 business schools were featured in FT Master in Management and in Master in Finance, pre-experience respectively.

41 French Universities are part of QS World University Rankings 2015/16. Out of 41 universities 11 are placed within top 250.

Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world. There is a range of courses in Fashion, Design, and Luxury goods, Merchandising, Perfume and Cosmetics Management.

France Facts-Economy

France is ahead of UK and Germany in terms number of companies in Fortune Global 500. There are 31 French companies in top 500 companies in the world.

France is a major player in the aerospace industry. There are a number of companies indulge in aerospace engineering and research. Big companies like Airbus, European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, Air France Industries and Dassault Aviation have their base in France.  Airbus has a national spaceport.

Not only aerospace but French companies like LVMH are industry leaders in luxury and brand management. In Finance, Banking and Insurance sector there are companies like BNP Paribas, AXA, Societe General. Carrefour and L’Oreal are giants in retail and cosmetics.

Other big companies are- Total, PernodRicard, Renault, Versace, Chanel, Orange, EDF, Engie, Air Liquide, Danone, Del Monte, Dior, Cartier, Hermes, YYES Saint Laurent,Veolia.

Study in France –

Scholarships in France

  • The Eiffel scholarship: In this scholarship student gets a monthly allowance and enrollment fees imposed by the state are covered in this scholarship. However, this scholarship doesn’t include tuition fees.
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: These Scholarships are basically for masters and Ph.D. students. EU conducts these scholarships and provides funds to cover insurance, tuition fees, living cost and travel.
  • Ile-de-France Masters Scholarships: A student gets a whole sum amount of 10,500 Euros. This scholarship is aimed for students from Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

Scholarships for International Students in France:

v  Centrale Nantes

v  The Ecole Central Paris Graduate Fellowship

v  SciencesPo Emile-Boutmy Scholarship

v  The ISM Global Leadership Scholarship:  Students will get a whole sum amount of Euros 10,500. This Scholarship mainly caters to students from Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Study in France
Study in France

Study in France for Indian Students

Key Benefits

  • A.F (Housing Assistance to all International Students ranging from 90-175 Euros PM) (France can be the cheapest country for abroad education)
  • Student Discounts are available almost everywhere
  • Indian Students can stay back for two years. Addition to that all Master’s and Ph.D. students will get 5-year multiple entry visas.
  • Paris has been ranked best student city for four times (QS)
  • Study and work in France-minimum wages are 436 Euros

Popular courses for Business and Management

Top-ranked French Business Schools:-

Masters in Management: Business school in France

HEC Paris M.Sc in Management
ESSEC Business School MSc in Management
ESCP Europe ESCP Master in Management
EDHEC Business School Master in Management
Grenoble Ecole De Management (Grenoble Graduate School of Business) Master in International Business
IESEG School of Management M.Sc in Management
Skema Business Schools Global Masters in Management
Audencia Business School M.Sc in Management- Engineering
EMLyon Business School M.Sc in Management

MBA in France

Master in Business Administration

  • Insead
  • HEC Paris
  • Edhec Business School
  • Grenoble Ecole de Management

Best Master in Finance-France


HEC Paris Msc in International Finance
ESCP Europe Advanced Master in Finance
Essec Business School Advanced Master in Financial Techniques
Skema Business School MSc Financial Markets and Investments
Edhec Business School EDHEC MSc in Financial Markets
Grenoble Ecole de Management MSc in Finance

Best Master in Fashion, Design, Luxury and Management

ESSEC Business School MBA in International Luxury Brand Management
Grenoble Graduate School of Business MSc Design and Luxury Management
EMLYON Business School MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing
Neoma Business School International Master in Luxury Management
SKEMA Business School MSc Luxury and Fashion Management
EDC Paris Business School MBA Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management
IFM M.Sc. in International Management

INSEEC Business School also has specialized and industry catered courses in Luxury, Hospitality, Event, Food, and Wine. For more please visit the blog.

Master in Aviation and Aerospace

ECOLE DES MINES D’ALBI- CARMAUX Master Advanced Manufacturing Processes for Aeronautical Structures (AMPAS)
Advanced Master in Aviation and Air Traffic Management ENAC
Aerospace MBA Toulouse Business School/ Partnership with IIM Bangalore