Study in Germany: Ultimate Destination for International Students

Studying abroad is not just a trend, but also a great opportunity to ensure the chances that you can fetch a good job and career upon completion of your course and degree. And in this regard, the reputation of the university plays a very important role in order to fetch the best jobs in the career market. Here we are going to give you important information about the reasons to Study in Germany and why it is an Ultimate Destination for International Students.

Study in Germany:

study in germany

Certainly, Germany has managed to assure this by hosting some of the greatest, best and most popular universities and colleges and academic institutions in the world. They are not just renowned, but also ranked in the list of the top colleges and universities. Producing many Nobel Laureates and a number of successful personalities, who are well-established in their respective fields, Germany has been the country of interest for many international students to pursue a course from.

Unmatched Opportunities To Explore:

There are about 450 state-accredited universities that offer a wide and extensive range of courses and programs to the students. About 17,500-degree programs are available in Germany that the international students too can pursue. Every possible degree programs that you can think of, in every possible academic discipline is available in Germany. The best part of studying in Germany is that unlike many other foreign countries that offer study courses only in their native language, Germany offers courses in English as well, as an international language. However, for that, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right university for this purpose.

Wide Range of Courses Offered:

Mostly 3 categories of courses are available after high school education. They are-

  • Bachelor’s degree- this course is for three years, and the degree is awarded after completion of three years of successful education.
  • Master’s degree– This degree is awarded after two years of education after Bachelor’s degree.
  • D degree– this course is studied after the completion of Master’s degree. Two ways are there to acquire the Ph.D. degree. Traditional degree, where only one scientist supervises the course and structured course that involves more than one scientist to complete.

Affordable Expenses:

Unlike many other foreign countries that are extremely expensive in terms of tuition fees, in Germany, you will have to pay extremely low tuition fees. And in case of an undergraduate level at a public college or university, you would not have to pay any tuition fees at all. The undergraduate courses are absolutely free of tuition fees. But of course, in order to earn money to manage your living there in Germany, you need to work. And if you are coming from an EEA country, you can work for full-time. Otherwise, that would be limited to 120 full days or 240 half days.

Other Benefits To Study In Germany

  • Top class degree recognized by the entire world: Germany provides high-class education and the degree it provides is accepted by all institutions and organizations throughout the World.
  • You have the diverse course to study: If you dream of studying in Germany, you get a wide range of courses to select as per your choice.
  • You can study in English: As Germany provides education in English, hence the international students who know English feel very comfortable in studying in Germany.
  • You get friends there: You are not alone studying in Germany. Around 12% of the international students study in Germany. So you get your friend from your own country in spite of studying in a foreign country.
  • Very low tuition fees: The education cost is Germany is too low and reasonable. In fact, you need to pay even sometimes.
  • A safe country to live: Germany is a very safe country for the international students to stay and study.
  • Excellent faculties: All the faculties who will be teaching you are extremely qualified and experienced in teaching and guiding you in your life.
  • Get job easily: As the degree gathered from Germany is accepted throughout the World, hence you get a good job after completion of your degree.
  • Stay in Germany after getting the degree: You can get the work visa and stay in Germany after the completion of your education.

If you are thinking of studying in Germany, there is ample scope for you. All that you need to do is, find the best option for you and know how you will be financing your course, in case of post-graduation and other courses. Certainly, you can go for the various scholarships that are offered by DAAD, such as The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program, The German Foundations’ Scholarship Programs, and others.