Study in Singapore- Admission Cycle 2015-16

With the number of students increasing every year, Singapore has made its way to be a formidable education hub among the International pool of students. A wide variety of universities offering world class education to choose from and a beautiful country to explore, Singapore offers more than just a degree. The city-state of Singapore is a collection of 63 islands adding to the scenic beauty of the place. Since its independence from the British in 1963, Singapore has transformed itself from an underdeveloped nation to the biggest education hub offering world class education in Asia.

Study in Singapore:-

Now we come to the question, Why study in Singapore?

  • The medium of teaching is English
  • The fee structure is affordable even to the common India student. The universities here are far ‘penny-wise’ than those of the US and the UK, without compensating for the quality of education.
  • With the number of Indian students already studying there, the chances you find your peer groups or accomplices are stronger. Its feels homely, the people are warm and welcoming
  • Singapore is strict on law enforcement and has a stable political environment conducive for outstation students.
  • Singapore is well connected to the rest of Asia with flights flying out to many of the major cities of India as well
  • The country has done away with racism.
  • Job opportunities are abundant after studying in Singapore

Universities in Singapore: Singapore houses a total of 34 universities. Two of them feature in the top 50 ranking of the universities worldwide. These are National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. Lets have a brief sneak peak into some of the top universities.

  1. National University of Singapore: The gem of Singapore, is ranked 24th in the world among universities and is the top ranked university of Asia. The performance of NUS is by far hard to match anywhere in the world. The courses which add to its sheen are mechanical, chemical, civil and electrical engineering, architecture, biological sciences, chemistry, geography, environmental sciences, materials science, politics and linguistics. Other courses of repute include statistics, computer science, business management and modern language.
  2. Nanyang Technological University: A close follower of the NUS, the Nanyang Technological University is ranked the 41st in the world. It recently launched its medical school in collaboration with UK’s Imperial College, London.
  3. Singapore Management University: Another great performer, it offers a more specialized range of subjects like computer science, economics, law and statistics and accounting and finance.

Other acclaimed universities are to the likes of Singapore University of technology and design raised by collaborating with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US and Zhejiang University of China. NUS college, product of another international collaboration is one of the very few liberal arts college of Asia. These collaborations indicate the dedication of the Singapore to provide world class higher education attracting a great deal of prospective students from far off shores.

For all those budding to join Singapore for undergraduate or post graduate courses, one needs to know the admission cycle of the Academic Year.

The application deadline for admission in various varsities varies from one university to another, the general deadline is between March to June. There are generally two opening for post-graduate level entry that is around January and August and deadline varies accordingly.

Institute Level of study Application Start date Application End date
National University of Singapore 1.       UG 15 October 31 March(Indian board)
2.       PG August Intake: 20 JanuaryJanuary Intake: 22 July August Intake: 16 FebruaryJanuary intake: 25 August
PG(MBA) 1 October
Nanyang  Technological University UG 1 October 31 March
PG August Intake: NA August Intake: 15 November/31 JanuaryJanuary Intake: 30 June
Singapore Management University UG 31 october 1 April
PG Fall: may 15Spring: September 1Summer: February 1

Singapore may seem to be just mistaken dot on the world map, but this island state has a formidable stature. Singapore’s high standard of living and quality education is what something the budding aspirants be assured of while their study here.