Study in USA after 12th

There was a time when study in USA meant only post-graduation or specialization. But with the increasing number of students opting to pursue a bachelor’s in USA, the process begins earlier. The large number of students opting to study in USA proves the number of opportunities and benefits of getting an education in USA. If you are also planning to study in USA after 12th then we are here to guide you.

How to study in USA after 12th

The first requirement to study in USA after 12th is to clear English proficiency tests. IELTS and TOEFL are some of the best to prove your English proficiency. The general requirement is 6.5 to 7.0 bands, depending on the courses you chose to study. The exact requirement of the university can be found on university websites. You can also find some of the institutions in USA that do not require you to clear IELTS.

Another significant requirement to study in USA after 12th is SAT scores. A SAT score between 600-800 is a competitive SAT score for universities in USA.

For some courses, it is mandatory for the student to be above the age of 18.
After getting an acceptance letter, the candidate must apply for a student visa in USA.

Study in USA after 12th – Sciences

Students who want to study in USA after 12th in the science field, we have some good options for you.

Pure Sciences

For the students who are willing to pursue natural sciences like chemistry, biology or physics with a BSC, Pure Sciences are a way to go. Not just theoretical, the courses in USA have immense research output and practical exposure to make your study abroad worthwhile.


The most popular program in the country is also one of the best in the USA. STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are among the best available streams in USA.


In the USA, the MBBS is designated as MD or Doctor of Medicine. If an international student wants to pursue the MBBS in USA after 12th, the student has to appear for the SAT exam and apply for the 4-year undergraduate courses in medicine. The main 2 courses after 12th medical degrees in USA are:

• Bachelor of medicine
• Bachelor of surgery

Study in the USA after 12th – Commerce

Here, we have mentioned the courses in USA after 12th that an international student can pursue in the commerce stream. You can choose any field to study like economics and finance, accounting, management.

Economics and Finance

If you are interested in investment banking, audits and other branches of Economics, there are enough options to pursue a bachelor’s in a field related to Economics in USA.


Account and Finance is another bright option for the students from the commerce stream to study in USA after 12th. There is a constant need for accounting professionals in every industry. Due to the abundance of jobs available in this field, it is one of the best options to pursue.


Business and management courses in USA are something students from both streams can pursue. If the business is something that is in your mind, there is no better destination to study other than USA.

Study in USA after 12th – Arts

If you are from the field of arts, there are equal number of paths waiting for you in USA. From Hospitality and Tourism Management to Humanities, and Architecture to Fine Arts, there are number of courses to look forward to study in USA after 12th. Here are the courses in USA after 12th arts you can explore:

• Architecture
• Fine arts
• Arts and Humanities
• Hospitality and Tourism Management
• Bachelor degree in English/ Philosophy / History