Study Options in UK

Study Options in UK
Study Options in UK

Study Options in UK – There are ample opportunities waiting for your way when you step your foot for studying abroad. The UK boasts of being the oldest among the education Hubs of the world and has some of the top notch colleges and Universities that can change the momentum of the career options available to you.

There are many Study options in UK, and you can choose any of them. Here is a list of options given that you may give a try.

Creative Designs and Art

The UK has a rich culture and a diversified role in Creative Industries like Advertising Centers, Fashion, Film, Architecture and design. So if you can make a career in Designs and art, you can get into the one of the most lucrative business that the UK is a home of. BAFTA – The British Academy of Film and Television Arts arranges for Scholarship for the eligible students who aspire to become a part of the TV and production.

Engineering Courses

The UK provides one of the best ambiences to give your engineering career the perfect shape. With the top class infrastructure in the colleges and Universities, you can become part of the league of some renowned Engineers of the world. The engineering students are given the opportunities to expose themselves to the world. They are allowed to contribute to the research projects, and their works are actually implemented in real projects. This accentuates the real life experience of the students, so they do not face any difficulties working in any work situations whatsoever.

Travel and Tourism

This is one of the most sought after study options in UK. The tourism Industry employs around 8% of the total population. Moreover, it is a very interesting work profile. If you love travelling and want to explore the world, this is the place for you.

Exercise Science

The UK acknowledges all fields of interests. It gives credit to all your desires and helps you build a career with the subject that you want to pursue with. If you are a sports person, you can opt for courses like Sports Management, Nutrition, Sports Psychology and Physiotherapy. The UK has the legacy of some popular sports starting from Tennis to Motor Racing. So getting a degree in Sports Management will help you get into a lucrative job.

Apart from these, there are Legal Studies, Architecture, Computer Science, Management Degrees, Social Science, Music and Drama, Health Care and medicines and Environmental Science to name a few.

Do you want to study at a UK university, college, school or English language centre?

Studying in the UK offers you a world-class education, internationally respected qualifications and outstanding career prospects.

On the Education UK website, you can find thousands of UK scholarships and courses.

You will also find essential advice about studying in the UK – from choosing a course and planning your travel, to making friends and getting used to the UK’s weather!

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Why choose a UK education?

Did you know that:

  • Four of the top six universities in the world are in the UK?
  • The UK is a world-leading research nation?
  • The UK is the world’s most popular destination for English language study?
  • UK-educated international graduates achieve markedly higher average salaries than if they had been educated at home?

UK education is all about giving you inspiration to develop your knowledge and skills, freedom to be creative, and support to help you achieve your best.

On a UK course, you’ll gain skills and qualifications to help you succeed in your chosen career.

And outside the classroom, you will have the opportunity to experience the UK’s unique countryside, cities and culture!

Find out more reasons to choose a UK education.

Your study options in the UK

Do you want to find a UK course or scholarship? Perhaps you’d like some help deciding what and where to study? We are here to help you.

On the Education UK website you can look up thousands of UK courses and scholarships using our search tools and resources. We list qualifications like undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees, HNDs and postgraduate Master’s degrees, MBAs and doctorates. You can also find out about English language courses.

For younger pupils, you can also look up UK boarding schools and English language courses for children and teenagers.

Find out about course types, qualifications and the different education systems for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in your study options.

Practical advice before you go

If you are planning your UK studies then we can help you! We have gathered practical advice for you about UK visas, scholarships, money, accommodation, health, safety, travel and much more.

Read the Education UK website for practical advice before you go.

Living and studying in the UK

What is it really like to live and study in the UK?

From Students’ Unions, nightlife and socialising to food, drink, religion and weather, find out all aboutliving and studying in the UK on the Education UK website.

You can also watch films and read blogs written by international students.