Studying Abroad in UK: What do Indian Students prefer?

Now a days the number of students moving abroad for their further studies has increased, as many of the countries are meeting to the needs of the students in a better way. a few years back students sees US as their destination of choice, but since past 2-3 years, the students are also preferring UK as their between 2016-17 the number of students moving to UK is

increased to 16550 which is about 10% of total, and now the number is increased to about 15% of the total.So why are the students preferring UK? let’s check it out:
students move to various countries and they needs time for the adoptation of the new
environment to settle down their,Uk is the place which is a quite known and famillier to indians
becauuse of the historical connections between the nations.
Many of the indians feel no problems while settling down with the british society.
also their are no language barrier as indians
are learning for uk english no problem is there for communication.
Since last some of the years, the ‘GREAT BRITAIN CAMPAIGNE’ is promoting UK as a welcoming
country, they offers Indian students high-quality hostels, flexible course ,good work placements ,
opportunities for skills development and also opportunities for R and D departments.
post study visas are easy to extend and renew , for uk as compared to US and also the
post studies visas for UK are upto 2 years duration.
Also after the trump empire has came in power the US has wnt dont in the preference list
of the students.
UK university let students to work at the time of studying,which provides boost up for the
future placements of the students.The degrees by UK universities also has a special importance and are
world wide accepted.
Indian people always looks for the refunds and as the students earning after movingout from
universities they will recover their studying expenses in just 3-4 years which is much faster as compared
to other countries.
The expenses in UK are very less as compared to US and Other countries.simply if looks for the
tution feesit varies from 4000rs-21000rs and for US it varies from 4000rs-40000rs so,people chose goes for
more efficient.
UK government also provides students with various scholarships some of them are listed below:

1.Chevening scholarships
2.UK STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Scholarships
(launched in December 2018, for female applicantsin STEM areas)
3.the Commonwealth Masters Scholarships
4.UK India Education Research Initiative (UKERI)
5.Newton-Bhabha Fund
6.the British Council’s GREAT Scholarships
some of the scholarships are provided on smaller scale on the basis of academics and other
british universities also tries to help students about selection of the scholarships and to improve
their academics.
It has been seen that in the global rankings of universities only one indian university is seen
among first 300 ranks.For uk the number goes up for 11 in first 100,18 more for first 200 and and 10 more
for first 300 including the University Of Essix.
students always look for the better, thats where the UK universities are coming in picture.
The admission process of UK universities are very less stressful as compared to others.
In UK the admissions are rigorous but the admission depends upon the overall profile of the student UK university admissions don’t asks for the exams like SAT and SAT subject tests for their
undergraduate programmes.
Indian grading systems like CBSE and ISC are accepted without any problem.

There are a lot many things which makes students to chose UK rather than other countries such as there are no language problems, lifestyle is less costly as compared to other nations and also the historic links, as many of the Indian leaders and and big personalities, economists, politicians, authors and businessmen were students of the UK universities.

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