Things to know before studying in Australia

Choosing Australia as your next study abroad destination will be the best decision in your academic life. Australia has put forward many idea hamster distinctions to help the students who have dreamt of studying in Australia. Nothing can be more happening than thinking of living in Australia and pursuing higher education. Australia is a bit expensive than the other countries, but you will get the best education ever in the institutions. Choose the best study abroad program for Australia and experience the great education system.

studying in Australia

Before heading out for Australia, I have a piece of information for you about the place, its significance, society, people, culture, language and many aspects that will help you in feeling comfortable in the unknown land.

  1. Get the official work done: Before moving to the place, clear all the official work like Visa approval, stamping the passport from the country embassy, and much such. Carry all your documents including, ID proof, academic papers, and your passport.
  2. Clear the University formalities: Many Universities in Australia has different formalities in taking admission. So, complete all the university concerns like clear the fee as per their rules, commencement of the classes, and know about the department policies you are going to head in.
  3. Accommodation Facility: It’s very important to know about the place you are going to live. Ask your University, if they are providing the hostel then it’s well and good. If not then consult your University counselor about the best place to reside for students. There are two options; you can choose city place or a rural place. Both provide accommodation to students. The choice is yours. Make a restricted list before searching for the place to live in. Before choosing the place, keep in mind about the distance that leads to the University. Don’t go for remote places that don’t have proper transportation facilities.

An interesting option to live in Australia is Homestay. Many Australian families offer a room in their apartment with all the facilities. This is the best way to cut your costs.

  1. Language Spoken: English is the main language that the people speak in Australia. They have different accents in their vocabulary but that’s fine. So, I think you can easily manage in the place as there is no language barrier and you don’t have to learn a new language.
  2. Living Expenses: Australia is the most expensive place in the world. So, students save your pockets by knowing the tit bits of the place. Make a list of the basic living expenses; know about the travel expenses, restaurants expenses and all the tiny things that you love to do.
  3. Medical: Now as you have decided to land in Australia, don’t forget to get all the medical concerns done. Get all the necessary vaccinations and go for a health insurance. Don’t worry; the medical health system is very strong in Australia. Students need to fill a form of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) while doing the insurance in the country. This will be an inexpensive one as it is endorsed by the government of Australia, especially for the students.
  4. Working While Studying: As Australia is quite expensive, it’s hard for students to survive in the place. Chill guys! There are numerable options for part-time jobs, especially for students. You can go for retail, hospitality, tourism and administration jobs. The pay is pretty good. Search on the web and figure out the websites that provides jobs for students in Australia. Some are:,,
  5. Scholarship Facility: Australia provides many scholarship schemes for international students. There are large numbers of sources through which you can get the scholarship. This will help you in getting admission in the University of your choice.
  6. The cuisine of Australia: Lying between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, apart from its landscape beauty, Australia holds pretty good cuisines that mesmerize the tourists. The local people dine on rice, fried with different kinds of veggies and sometimes with chicken. They have a very rich food culture in Australia. So, foodies, you will love to enjoy different kinds of Australian foods.
  7. Enjoy the beauty of Australia: You know, you are moving to a land that has enormous beauty. Everyone dreams to live in Australia all because of its beauty. You are getting a chance so don’t lose it. Enjoy the nightlife of Australia. It’s amazing. Have a glimpse of the mysterious pink waters of Lake Hiller, go for skydiving, swim in the mighty ocean and get a life by enjoying this.

Important checkpoints before taking off to the abroad destination Australia.

  1. Before packing your bags check all your necessary document, passport, visa, and academic papers.
  2. Take your tickets
  3. Take a route map of Australia
  4. Gather all the contact numbers before leaving
  5. Take all your original documents. Don’t make a mistake by carrying the photocopies.
  6. Keep some money with you and change the currency.

These are some of the important advice to follow before leaving your home. Hope that this overseas stint will be a dream come true experience.

Excited right? Obviously, you should be. Start your new venture with great courage and sheer excitement. Good Luck!