Things To Know Before Studying In Singapore

Studying abroad is nowadays a trend seen amongst almost all students who want to lead an independent life and gain new perspectives in various fields. We always strive to know things about the outer world and want to experience something new and fresh. The change in our academic routine, developing higher skills, knowing the world beyond the boundaries, ample job opportunities, degree value are some of the significant dimensions that studying abroad aspirants can have. There are many foreign lands that give the best education in the world. Studying in Singapore is the one of the best options for students.

Studying In Singapore
Studying In Singapore

So guys, are you planning to pursue your higher education in the heart of Southeast Asian country, Singapore? Well, you might be wondering around the web about the facts and things before taking the step of studying in Singapore. I know choosing an abroad destination for a study is a very tough job as it has many risk and responsibilities. But no worries! Your handy dandy writer is here to help you out in all the possible ways in knowing the things before studying in Singapore.

It’s very important to know about the place and its different rules and regulations. Apart from academic section, one must also aware of the things like its culture, food habits, traffic laws, transportation facilities, accommodation, and most importantly the language of the country.

I have filtered some of the most important facts that will help the students in knowing the scenario of the place.

  1. Know more about the college you are going to study: The first and foremost important thing to do before going to study in Singapore is to know more about the institution. The courses they provide, hostel facilities, food system, medical facilities, etc. Find out all the rules and regulations of the college and get connected with the alumni of the college. They will be in better position to help you in getting informed more about the college. Well, you will get a mesmerizing academic experience in Singapore. The education system is well-structured and well-maintained.
  2. Go and get a Scholarship: Singapore is the most expensive country for education. So, students, at your spare time do engage yourself in a part-time job or get a scholarship from the institution. There is also another facility specially endorsed for the students, by the Education Ministry of Singapore is allowing them to earn money from tuition classes. This will surely squirm your financial difficulties.
  3. Tamil is the only Indian language spoken in Singapore after English: If you know Tamil you can easily fit yourself in the place because the country has the huge number of population from the Tamil Diaspora. They firmly speak Tamil in the Country. If you can, learn a bit of Tamil and stay connected with the population.
  4. Housing: Finding an accommodation in an unknown place is one of the hardest tasks to perform. The hostel selection procedure in Singapore is of two categories. One is the off-campus selection and the other is on-campus. As Singapore is one of the costliest cities for education, owning a private hostel will be costlier than the college hostel.  So, I prefer to take a firm decision in choosing the hostel. The difference in both the campus is that off-campus will not provide you room, far from the college and cost you less. But the on-campus will be bit costlier but will have all the facilities and the building will be near to the college. The colleges also provide college buses to pick and drop the students from on/off campuses if required. There are also end numbers of communities that offer accommodation facilities. In this age of digitalization, nothing is impossible. So guys sit an hour on the web and find the best accommodation as per your choice.
  5. Best place for foodies: Singapore is always famous for its ethnic food habits. You can enjoy all the Indian street foods, imported Chinese dishes, and the local Singaporean dishes at a local hawker. Expats and tourists love the vibrant food scenario of Singapore. Non-vegetarians, enjoy the staple food of Singapore: the chicken rice. It’s delicious. Fish lovers can also give a try to the fish dishes of Singapore. Yummy! You can also enjoy the delicacies of Indian food in almost all the restaurants. Guys don’t forget to taste all the famous foods of Singapore.
  6. Transportation Facility: Transportation in Singapore is basically land-based. There are MRT buses and taxis which are considered as the main option for transporting in this foreign land. You can also add monorail and cable cars to the list of your transportation. The MRT buses will be the best option for students as this will make your traveling around Singapore a very easy and convenient one. Save your pocket, it’s a cheap traveling.
  7. Enjoy the night beauty of Singapore: The place gets live in the night. With its tinkling scenario, I bet you will fell in love with this place. Remember to enjoy once the mesmerizing beauty of Singapore at night.

Some important add-ons to the list of things to know before studying in Singapore are:

  1. Smoking is public places is a great offense. Quit smoking in the country or else be ready to pay a fine.
  2. Always cross the road using the pedestrian crossing. Traffic rules are very strict in this place. Obey the rules and stay away from paying fines.
  3. Singapore is following the rule of ‘Clean Singapore.’ Don’t dare to throw anything in the street of Singapore. This may impose a fine.
  4. In Singapore, chewing gum is banned. No one is allowed to chew gum in the country. Indians be careful.
  5. Know the route to the airport from your living place.
  6. Keep a guide of the place along with you for any emergencies.
  7. Gain knowledge from the officials about the visa processing and further requirements.

Singapore the land of beauty with high academic dimensions will give you a high-five experience in education than any other country. Thus, these little analyses would help you in knowing something better before studying in Singapore.

Pack your bags, wrap your documents, book your tickets and move with great hope to the land of immense beauty.