Things You May not Know About the City Coventry, UK

Just a glimpse of the city can make you wonder about the place which offers everything from education to quality level of living. Coventry has numerous facilities to offer you and this includes the entertainment sites and the cinema halls that are there in the city. Besides that, Coventry is the second largest in West Midlands and has the constructions dating back to 14th century.

Know more about the City Coventry, UK:

The literature and drama in the city flourish as it is the birthplace of many well-known poets and playwrights. Flourishing music bands of the city provides for the lively musical events frequently. The city is full of venues which are related to art, music, sports leagues and besides that, clubs are always going to keep the students active.

Most of the places in the city are easily reachable owing to the affordable mode of transport. Coventry provides for a comfortable living along with a good environment and the world class universities to study in.

The education level of the city is up-to-the-mark which includes the colleges as well as the Universities such as:

  • University of Warwick
  • Hereward College
  • Henley College
  • Finham Park School
  • Coventry University
  • City College

Besides that, there are many schools as well which include the secondary and the co-educational institutions that help in promoting the quality atmosphere in the city. Many students from far across the world have been coming here in order to pursue education from the universities.

This is a nice place to stay as winters here are mild but summers are cool and this maritime climate provides for a comfortable living.


With its two universities, this city has plenty of the accommodation options for the students. Mercia lodge is the most talked about the residential facility for students which is equipped with all kinds of facilities that you need. This accommodation has the studio apartments which have an attached kitchen and bathroom set.

The types of the rooms available are the micro pad, small studio, twodio, standard studio, skylight large studio and many other ones which can perfectly suit the budget that you have. You may also pick the deluxe studios if your budget allows, equipped with the private kitchen and vast expanse, you may live comfortably here.

Cost of living

Affording living in the city depends primarily on two factors, the types of accommodation and cost of food. Accommodation in the city includes halls of residences and the fee you have to pay for and the private accommodation along with its cost. For the halls of residences, the cost goes up to 600 pounds and for the private accommodation, it is up to 500 pounds.

Food cost may range up to 200 pounds; other inclusions in the cost of living are your mobile phone bill, travel and transport cost, socialising, books, sports, and the license that you get for TV.


You can live here for multiple reasons and this includes the entertainment modes and the interesting places which you can visit when in spare time. Museums, cathedral, historical buildings and many other places ensure your enjoyment kept intact to the full scale. The Coventry cathedral is quite unique and offers a sight that is very evocative in terms of the looks and aesthetics.

The Warwick arts venue is meant for film screenings and performances by the professionals. At Showcase cinema and Odeon Coventry, you can enjoy your movies with apt sound projection and digital equipment. The Grosvenor casino equipment provides an awesome way to play your gambling games. Arches host the live music events and at Tenpin Coventry, you will thoroughly enjoy the bars and the pools along with the arcade games. Albany club and the theatre are meant for providing a nice experience for holding the concerts and watching the theatrical performances. You may also visit the St. Michael’s Cathedral which is termed to be the best tourist attraction in the city.

Travel and transportation

Multiple modes of transport are there which include the rail, road, navigation, and bus. The city is well connected with major cities of the world through the airports. The fares of the public travel modes are well within reach which ensures their affordability for the students as they generally have a very restricted budget.

The three major bus operators of the city provide the services for the purpose of travel and commutation. Buses can be interchanged conveniently through the Pool Meadow Bus station and you can also park your own vehicles at War Memorial Park which is managed by the StageCoach bus operator.

Rail services in the city connect London with Birmingham and also have other railway lines which link with south coast. Road transport is also convenient and provides for the north to the south linkage. For a pleasurable journey down the waters, you can navigate through Coventry canal which routes to more than 60 km in the city till Fradley junction.


Sports-culture here is quite thriving and you can enjoy plenty of games to remain active. The existence of clubs and teams ensure the participation of students and in this regard, the football team was also known as the Coventry City F.C is the oldest one in the city. Inter-universities tournament for football and other sports are regularly held so that games can be played at various levels by the students who are enrolled here.

Other sports include rugby, ice hockey, car racing, cricket, field hockey and children’s games are also thriving in the city through the teams and various associations for sports. University of Warwick and Coventry University need a special mention here because they have made lots of efforts in the field of sports promotion by sending their students for participation in the BUCS that is British Universities and Colleges Sport competition. British Universities Ice Hockey Association promotes the games through the Coventry and Warwick Panthers to ensure that students participate in the sports in a more plausible way.

Food and Grocery Shopping

In the city of Coventry, there are many supermarkets which provide the stuff at an affordable price which best suits the pockets of students. These supermarkets are open late at night so that students can take a tour when they have free time. Besides that, during the late hours, you also get to have the best deals and discounts too.

You can get your favorite Pot noodles, milk, eggs, and baked beans in great packages from the stores of Sainsbury and Morrisons. Many superstores also offer great deals exclusively for the students which include around 10% discount on the total grocery bill. To enable better shopping experience, it is recommended that you should go for the supermarket stores rather than the convenience stores to buy your regular stuff. Check in for shopping at Sainsbury, Tesco, ASDA which offer great services for a pleasurable and affordable shopping experience.

Job Opportunities

Coventry city is home to many industries in the following fields:

  • Aerospace components
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Cars
  • Electronic equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Man-made fibres
  • Telecommunications equipment

The above industries have promoted development in terms of job creation for the students who have expertise in their respective fields. Many companies have established their manufacturing hub in the city which includes Daimler, Riley, Swift Motor Company and much more.

Jaguar also has its HQ in the city and the University of Warwick through its advanced R&D section works in unison with the company. The jobs available in the city include sales advisor, retail kiosk team member, product engineering communications officer, licensing officer, hr administrator, financial operations support assistant, customer services team leader and many others.

Most of the jobs are correlated with the manufacturing and automobile sector which signifies the importance of the courses related to this segment.

Part-Time Jobs

Many jobs are available in the part-time segment which students join in order to meet their daily expenses. You can apply for the jobs of administrative assistant, kitchen team member, customer service advisor, senior clerical assistant, kitchen porter to name a few. For a short duration these types of jobs serve a purpose and if they are related to your work, then it may also serve as an experience when you apply for jobs.


Foods and beverages are the coolest things to try in Coventry. The pubs here ensure maintaining the high standards of drinks and food so that you get to have the best one in lieu of the money you pay. Most of the pubs here offer right kind of ambience and a price which lies well within your budget. You can check for these pubs in the city to enjoy outing with friends, these include the Greyhound Inn, Aardvark, Town Crier, Holyhead, Town Wall Tavern, Harvester, Golden Cross and many others.

Enjoy your grilled fish, burgers, salads and beer in the timings which are perfectly suited for you. Most of these pubs open early in the morning till late at night so you may reach here when your day is off or check-in at night to enjoy your weekends.