Tips for Cracking GATE Exam

Being a prestigious national examination, GATE  Exam or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is both administered and conducted by the seven IITs and the Indian Institute of Science. The Test is headed in rotation by each institute annually.

Preparing for GATE can be quite strenuous as more than thousands of students take this examination every year. If you are planning to take the GATE exam this year, then here are some extremely useful tips for cracking it easily.

Set your goals – It is vital that you set a goal before sitting for the exam as not all goals have the same strategy. Your goal should be defined in terms of the rank you are aiming to achieve. For example, students who wish to study in the top IITs should rank less than 1000 at least and need to know all the topics thoroughly. However, those looking to simply qualify needn’t cover all the topics and can leave out some.

Work on your concepts – As the GATE exam is known for testing each student’s concepts and their application; it is advisable to work on your concepts and strengthen them by joining an online tutoring or classroom program.

Diagnostic tests help – A diagnostic test will help you know your level of competence and will be able to analyze your performance abilities. It helps reveal your weaknesses and strengths which can form the basis of your preparation strategy.

Formulae are important – With a plethora of formulae being involved in engineering subjects, it is important that you start memorizing them from the very beginning. Once a chapter is over, note down all the formulae in it and create a collection of it which you can refer to whenever need be.

Practise as much as you can – Extensive practise will help you get better with every passing day and you will feel more confident about the exam. Solve all the questions available in the various GATE books and also check out the various question patterns over the years.

Take mock tests – Mock tests help you adjust to the pattern of GATE exams and you will be able to analyze how well you are prepared for the actual examination. Accordingly, you can work harder on your weak areas and understand what will be expected of you in the examination.

Own a unique exam strategy – The mock test will also help you create your own exam strategy. Maybe answering the first question and solving it as soon as you are asked to start works for you or you might prefer glancing through the entire paper before beginning to write. Whatever, it is, always create your strategy and stick to it till the end.

Lay importance on high-return topics – The 3 high-return topics in GATE exams are General Ability and Engineering Mathematics. Accounting for almost one-third of the total marks, they can be easily scored well in and can help you do well in the exams. Prepare well for these 2 topics.

Relax – Do not take any stress and try to completely relax one day before the exam, not thinking about it at all. This will help you take the exam with a fresh and relaxed mind.

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