Toowoomba: A Journey to this Vibrant, Colourful and Captivating City of Southern Queensland

Vibrant spring, mild winter, enjoyable summers and crisp winters is something you will enjoy in this Garden city of Australia, which is not only a mere 90-minute ride from Brisbane but also strategically located in the Lockyer Valley. So close yet so far way, here’s everything Toowoomba has in its offering to the world.

Toowoomba, Australia:

Many people who want to travel in south and aspire to visit the country of Australia, is a dream come true experience. The city of Toowoomba is the heart of Southern Queensland is known as one of the best cities in terms of its scenic beauty, job opportunities and other amenities that it seems to offer its visitors.

Interesting Facts about the City Toowoomba:

Situated around 125 Km towards the west of Queensland, Toowoomba is a city that has a perfect amalgamation of traditional values and modern architecture also known as the Garden city of Australian’s Queensland. With about a population of 114, 622, Toowoomba is known to have a diverse culture and a growing commercial hub of government and business services.

Toowoomba city

Being the 16th largest city of Australia, it has a fairly high population after the country capital and are also ranks 6th in being largest city of Queensland coming after:

  • Brisbane
  • Gold coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Townsville
  • Carnis


Coming to the ancient history of this city in Queensland, it had its roots dated back in 1816 when it was discovered as a 14 million acres of rich grazing and farming land by an English explorer known as the Allan Cunningham. Thirteen years later, a station was established making it easy for the Toowoomba residents to commute easily to and fro from the city.

It was in late 1840’s the city was slowly growing and witnessed coming up of hotels like Royal Bull’s Head inn adding to its development. Slowly, the city amassed as the population grew to be 700 by 1850.Then January 4, 1861 led to the occurrence of first council elections in the city which ended with the victory of William Henry Groom. By the inception of 1904, the city was declared as a full-fledged running centre in the Daring Down region of Queensland.


With a predominantly temperate climate, Toowoomba tend to have fluctuating weather as compared to other parts of Queensland. With high intensity winds, hail and snow, the  city has mild summers as well winters.

The daily temperature range for the city reported is 28 degree Celsius in summer and 17 degree Celsius in winter. Surprisingly, this is too less in comparison to average of what other parts of Queensland experiences.


The city’s contemporary architecture successfully glorifies its heritage that remains preserved through its vintage buildings. Some of the wealthy buildings and monuments of Toowoomba include:

  • National Trust Royal Bull’s Head Inn
  • The Prestigious City Hall

While the Caledonians state is another ancient town decorated with most royal cottages containing most classic wooden style. Moreover, the city also comprises of Empire Theatre which has been renovated keeping the original architecture intact.


Toowoomba is known to be a centre for academic learning owing to some of its best schools and university that have international recognition. It is a home to following top notch universities providing full and short term degree courses to its enrolled students:

  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Griffith University
  • University of South West

The unique and comprehensive Guarantee program is another notary step that makes students avail various social, academic and research-based opportunities in addition to their regular degree programmes. The programs are interactively designed including a balanced mix of classroom teaching and practical training. With a robust placement board and its reputed contacts, the university offers a placement guarantee to put its students to top notch firms and companies to kick-start their careers.


There is something too great about Food at Toowoomba! With its never ending variety of restaurants, hubs and café are a foodie will find his ultimate bliss in unique quality, splendour and ambience! Talking of some of the most prominent food avenues that can’t be missed while talking about the richness Toowoomba offers its residents are:

  • The Engine Room Café
  • Raw Energy
  • Park House Café
  • Picnic Point Café
  • Qi’Lin

Each destination has something exciting to offer so that no one goes back disappointed. If you cannot live without some fancy coffee, the Park House Café will ensure you have the best one at their premises. For the food lovers who are looking for a wholesome meal and buffer, the Engine Room Café will be a delight. In addition to these high styled restaurants, you also have many options to explore at the street joints and food eateries. From budget breakfast to evening snack, nobody goes back disappointed once you are here!!

Toowoomba is also known for its exquisite gourmet produce and regional flavours that you cannot simply miss when you are here for a trip or holiday!  Throughout its street markets you will find colour fool stalls loaded with hand made fresh jams, jellies, chocolates and cheeses. In addition, you could take away most authentic Australian handicraft, clothing jewellery, toys, stationary and items when you return back to cherish on the memories you spend in this southern part of Queensland!

Shopping Avenues-

Shopping is extreme fun with a diverse room of options that will make you fascinated on what to choose and what to not! From small routine stores for your, every day needs to the most exquisite brand showrooms.

These stores also offer discounts on credit cards and other VIP benefits to shoppers so that they have an ultimate shopping experience. One of the most popular hubs at the Toowoomba is the Grand Shopping Centre that offers the most exquisite range of accessories and retailers covering the most reputed brands like

  • Emilio Pucci
  • Donna Karen
  • Pedro Gracia
  • Bottega Veneta
  • Louis Vinton
  • Fendi and Dior

Being in the house of such large brands, this store is a one-stop solution to all your fashion needs.

Marketing Avenues-

The city has one of the most vibrant markets which are overcrowded and buzzing with local people during weekends. Be It the PVC markets or the Margaret Street Markets, you get to access the fanciest handicrafts, eateries, and loads of goods to enjoy your weekend. There is a Handmade Expo that is held every year too which is a popular event anticipated by both local residents and tourist alike. The details regarding its occurrence and venue are updated on the official website from time to time.

Entertainment Overload-

Entertainment is one aspect that people gets access to loads when in Toowoomba! It has many local, national and world class acts; shows performed comprising of finest actors. Be it the USQ Artwork Theatre or the Empire Theatre, both of them is beautifully decorated creating the perfect ambience for audience to enjoy.

Scenic Attractions

Toowoomba is also known for its enormous tourist avenues that offer a mix of contemporary and modern like buildings, gardens and recreational spots where people can relax and find pleasure in.

In fact, being home to some of the most enchanting gardens, the city is also known to be a Garden city in Australia! Some of the very popular gardens here are:

  • The Japanese Gardens
  • Toowoomba Garden of Flowers
  • Laurel Bank Park
  • Queen’s Park

The parks are creatively decorated from time to time to celebrate the festivities adding to the fancy and aesthetics of the city.


Finding a decent place to live in a new city is one of the most difficult things one could ever come across. Especially if you are a job seeker, a single working women or a student the purpose is to find a decent house which could come under your budget.

Fortunately, there is no dearth of living space you will find in Toowoomba. If you are on a trip, you have ample of options to choose between the most luxuries hotels to highly maintained budget cottages. For people who are looking for a home here, they can go for rental space or housing flats and apartments. In fact the flat culture is quite popular in this Daring Down area where facilities are quite decent and affordable.

All homes which are a part of hosing apartments provide the basic amenities of cleanliness, good health, security and ensure a good quality of life. The variety of houses can vary from single, private to shared rooms depending upon the option you are looking for and what amount you want to spend in.

Some of the basic Amenities that you will get in these apartments are:

  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • 24 hours water supply
  • Refrigerator and Television in common rooms
  • No deposits are required
  • Transportation services available on demand
  • Free cables to make calls anywhere in the city

If you begin a car journey from Brisbane it would take half an hour, from Gold coast two hours, from Sunshine Coast two and a half hour  to reach this ideal captivating city of Southern Queensland.