Top 10 Best Courses in Canada to Study in 2020

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When we talk about popular destinations to study Canada for Courses in Canada, Canada is surely one of the prestigious choices to make as it stands with some of the best universities where academics are highly reputed. Courses in Canada Universities are ranked by the newly-released QS World University Rankings 2020 which includes 26 top Canadian universities judges on a methodology that assesses each university on its academic and employer reputations, research impact, and more.

Courses in Canada
Courses in Canada

Not only this, but your employment chances increase if you are a local student or have local experience. The Canadian Universities boasts of having a tie-up with more than 5000 global organizations. More than 90% of students get employment in less than six months after their graduation.

Lastly, Canada gives us scenic and natural beauty too. The main cities of Canada include Toronto, British Columbia, Vancouver, Montreal, and the national capital city Ottawa, welcoming 250 ethnic origins. So, you won’t face any cultural shock as the country is known for its friendly, peacekeeping, and secure to live in. Canada is widely known for its hockey, maple syrup, rich natural resources, and brutally cold winters. The country is a full-package and has something for everyone.

This blog consists of the top 10 courses for international students which will help you to get settled and get jobs in Canada.

1. MBA – The growing rate of students pursuing an MBA is very common nowadays. MBA has been always a popular choice to study abroad and also a very demanding job in today’s economy. MBA degree, no doubt, are very costly but worth studying it. The degree gives you chances to increase your business network globally, develop new skills and knowledge about business, and gives a broad overview of the business world. It has been the most sought after profession for around the last five decades. Also, slowly Canada is becoming a popular choice for pursuing an MBA, as it costs less and gives more. It gives you an ample number of opportunities and management courses to study. Besides, it gives you a strong number of alumni and corporate connections. These universities have a tie-up with various global ruling organizations so that one can find and make his/her own place. To know more about the reasons or the advantages of studying for an MBA from Canada, the top Universities and courses, the requirements, visa requirements, and eligibility criteria then read important Courses in Canada

Why MBA in Canada?

Top 5 Universities to pursue MBA:
• York University’s Schulich, School of Business
• Queen’s School of Business, Queen’s University
• University of Toronto: Rotman School
• Desautels School, McGill University
• The University of Alberta, Alberta School of Business

2. Computer science and IT – Technology is leading towards the betterment of one’s social-cultural and economic life as it plays an important role in human life. Technology is the future of the world and many students are leading towards the path. And by pursuing Computer Science and IT courses will help you to achieve your goals in the development of the new technologies. Moreover, the University of Toronto comes in the Top 10 Universities in the world, especially for its IT programs. The course’s graduates are highly demanded anywhere in the world, including Canada. The universities offer industry exposure, research-based projects, data analysis, and information security, and many more to their students, making the best universities for IT& SC students. The IT sector field has grown by 11,500 employments, making it as fastest-growing sectors in Canada. It offers some high payments and benefits to its technicians. The median annual salary is around INR 60 Lakhs.

Some of the most in-demand job functions in SC and IT sectors are –

• Information systems analysts and consultants
• Database analysts and data administrators
• Software engineers and designers
• Computer programmers and interactive media developers
• Web designers and developers
• Dev-Op & Cyber Security Professionals

3. Engineering – Engineering is a study-based program that involves applying scientific and mathematical knowledge to design and operate objects, systems, and processes to help us solve problems or reach goals. These new inventions often lead to the development of new technologies and plenty of opportunities are waiting- making engineering the most demanded Courses in Canada. As per Rand Stand, an analytics and HR agency in Canada, engineering jobs and disciplines will increase more by 2025. Ontario and Quebec are currently the best cities to find jobs in engineering. Following Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary with strong markets. The degree not only provides you a specialization in the course but also increases your chances to get permanent residence in Canada. The median annual salary is around INR 62 Lakhs.

Some of the most in-demand categories in the engineering sector are:

• Mechanical
• Civil
• Electrical-Electronics
• Chemical
• Industrial & Manufacturing
• Engineering Management

Some of the best universities for pursuing Engineering courses here are:

• University of British Columbia
• University of Toronto
• McGill University
• University of Alberta
• University of Waterloo

4. Business and Finance – Business and finance have always played an important role in any economy. And studying these courses can actually help you to find out your dream job and settlement in Canada. This course will give you knowledge about how market functions and applications of financial markets. Economics is another subject with great scopes in the future. You will learn about forecasting the economy (GDP) and contribute to the monetary policies. Finance and Economics are complimentary and will help you to develop a wide range of transferable skills in the core domain. You can opt for BBA and (Hons.) in finance, Masters in Accounting and Financial Risk Management, and of course MBA in Finance. The average Finance salary in Canada is INR 50 Lakh per year or INR 2,500 per hour best Courses in Canada

Some of the most in-demand job categories are:

• Asset Management
• Brooking
• Investment Management
• Banking
• Insurance
• Accounting
Some of the best universities for pursuing Business and Finance:
• University of Alberta
• Laval University
• Trent University
• York University
• University of Toronto

5. Health care and Medicines – The growing technology is leading towards the bio-science, health, and medicine sector too. As long as they live on the planet, this sector will never stop giving a number of opportunities to international or domestic students. This field is broad, inter-disciplinary, exciting, and filled with adventures. The field also demands lots of training and knowledge to get the best jobs. Getting jobs in this sector will definitely increase your chances to live in Canada as a permanent citizen. As you are dealing with the lives of the people you need to be more careful and one should have patience. Additionally, it’s a research-oriented program, a Ph.D. is mandatory. Research says that there is a growth in this area including digital health, by $233 billion in the global market of 2020 and $88 billion in 2023. The most experienced average salary in Canada is INR 40 Lakh per year or INR 2000 per hour this is why the best Courses in Canada

Some of the most in-demand categories in the Health care and Medicines sector are:

• Biological sciences Civil
• Biotechnology
• Nursing
• Pharmacy
• Medicine and Dentistry

Some of the best universities for Health care and Medicines courses are:

• University of Toronto
• McMaster University
• University of British Columbia
• McGill University
• University of Montreal

6. Media and Journalism – With the rise of digital media, the growing demand for social networking sites, and improvement in traditional media, the demand for skilled professionals in these areas also increasing exponentially. While traditional media jobs are declined slowly, the rise of new media- the internet is becoming very popular. New age career paths like digital marketing, interactive design, graphic design, gaming design, digital media creation, and production, etc. are taking over the traditional ones. Earlier the industry saw a gradual decline, but the rise of the internet has provided them with new opportunities and success. Be in print media, radio industry, social networking sites, and TV industry or in some other sectors like banking and many, the introduction of the internet has brightened everyone’s path.

Some of the most in-demand job function is:

• Digital media
• Advertising
• Marketing
• Public Relations
• Journalism
• Interactive Media
• Visual Effects & Animation
• Creative & Graphic Design
• UX/UI Design
Some of the best universities are:
• Wilfrid Laurier University
• Ryerson University
• University of British Columbia
• Carleton University
• Durham College

7. Law – To start a legal career, a degree in law gives you a perfect platform to showcase your skills. It teaches you legal skills and other skills like- analysis, evaluation, research work, communication skills, and power of judgment. The law schools filled you with immense knowledge both in terms of practical and theoretical. You can become a solicitor, consultant, barrister, judge, or work with the legal department with a great salary. Dreaming of big fat payment, then there can be no better option than studying at Canada Law School. Dozens of schools offer various law courses in Canada for international students like criminal law, international law, business law, ethical law, health law, etc. to name a few best Courses in Canada

Some of the best universities are:

• University of Toronto
• McGill University
• University of British Columbia
• University of Montreal
• Dalhousie University

8. Agricultural Science and Forestry – The increase in population has led to many environmental problems like – climate change, global warming, pollution, and food authenticity. Agricultural and Science Forestry has played a key role in solving these problems: thus increasing the demand for the course among international students like in India and in other foreign countries, the job opportunities for agricultural science & forestry are excellent Courses in Canada.
Some of the most in-demand job function is:
• Agricultural scientists
• Agronomists
• Forestry consultants
• Agricultural consultants

9. Hospitality – It is among the fastest-growing industries in Canada for teaching business strategies for the tourism industry it is important Courses in Canada. Tourism has become the most important economical aspect of a particular country. Not much popular as traditional degrees, but still Hospitality and Tourism study programs are attracting a large number of international students. It includes – how to manage food quality, accommodation, and fun activities for customer satisfaction.

Some of the best universities are:

• Ryerson University
• Georgian College
• Fanshawe College
• University of the Fraser Valley
• Centennial College

10. Psychology & Human Resources – Companies and organizations always want to recruit some best skilled and experienced workers for a smooth and better working of the process. They put extra effort into training their existing employees. Industrial psychology refers to look at the individuals and their relationships at the workplace, that includes job analysis, employee safety, employee training, job performance measurement, health structure, and employee hiring systems this is why the best Courses in Canada

Some of the most in-demand job function is:

• Psychologists
• Career advisers
• Industrial psychologists
• HR Professionals