Top 10 Colleges to do Executive MBA programs in Canada

Canada has some of the best programs available for students who want to study abroad. Besides, students interested in pursuing MBA programs in Canada will be thrilled to know that they can enroll themselves in some of the best Executive MBA programs in Canada. MBA programs in Canada are known for quality and excellence. Hence, it is the number one choice for international students wishing to excel in the business field.

Top 10 Colleges to do Executive MBA programs in Canada:

Top-ranking universities offer Executive MBA programs in Canada with best faculty. In addition, these universities provide anintegrated curriculum by collaborating with the best organizations in the field. Many institutions offer EMBA programs in Canada.Read on toknow more about the top Executive MBA colleges inCanada:

1.Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto offersa 13-month-longEMBA program for professional executives with awork experience of 8 years.

2.Schulic School of Business at York University also offers weekend EMBA programs for those executives and managers who want to maintain their full-time employment.

  1. Ivey School of Business at Western University offers one of the best EMBA programs in Canada, with a course duration of a 15 months,wherein according to the curriculum, students have to complete 25 hours of course work every week.

4.Athabasca University offers 24-month-long EMBA programs, with an innovative curriculum that allow students to enhance their business knowledge and career opportunities.

  1. Concordia University offers a 20-month program designed for executives and managers that aims at cultivating professional skills that are essential prerequisites to handle tough business situations in an effective way.

6.John Molson School of business at Queen’s Universityoffers one of the top EMBA programs in Canada. It is a 15-month course designed for managers and executives who want to enhance their business knowledge, credentials and career opportunities.

  1. Saint Mary’s University offers two-year EMBA programs;these are some of the best executive MBA programs in Canada that expose the students tothe latest management theories and help them find a full-time job.
  2. Simon Fraser Universityprovides one of the best EMBA programs in Canada for experienced working professionals who desire to advance their knowledge in international business field.

9.University of Calgaryhasone of the top MBA programs in Canada, and it offers EMBA programs with a course duration of two years. The main aim of the institution is to expose students to the latest management theories while empowering them with entrepreneurial and leadership skills as well as global techniques needed to handle tough business situations.

10.University of Ottawa also has EMBA programs designed for working professionals, particularly executives and managers who desire to gain more information on how to run a business and the different perspectives needed to meet the “modern demands of the executive management.”

In a nutshell, the Executive MBA programs in Canada offered by the best B-Schools in the world focus on cultivating each student’s skills, traits and attitudes that are essential prerequisites for those who aspire to advance their career credentials and opportunities. Some universities also offer weekend classes that allow managers or executives to maintain full-time employment while learning.As a result, students can achieve their job targets and also enhance their knowledge about their respective business.Few universities also offer online programs for EMBA, but the best EMBA programs in Canada are the residential programs conducted by the MBA schools.